- "I killed the murmurs" .Why?

A politician kidnapped or disappeared in Mexico is the closest thing to a character in Pedro Páramo, where the presidents were everything Or are, remain ?. Even the good and the bad. The leaves of a tree did not move, if there was no previous presidential order. However, they deny it. José López Portillo told his 81 years: "I always acted far as I could, but with righteousness."

In Comala as in Mexico, no other power than that of the patriarch: "we are all children of Pedro Páramo" We are all children of Porfirio Diaz and Lopez Portillo? The parodoja of this paternity without brake is leading to drought. As the chief seizes more land and more women, the region becomes a wasteland. Nothing escapes the actions of the chief, even the desert represents a balance of his will. Pedro Paramo is the artificer of dust; the "father of all" live among dead women, who dream of giving birth to a shell. Land planted with ghosts, Comala is a wasteland. Pedro Paramo is a corpse that breeds postponed.

In Mexico, the dead enforced disappearance acquire full autonomy and police agent dissipates from their shadows, as in Comala. It is no wonder then, a plethora of single words, spoken by untraceable or missing people. In this tissue independent sentences, a cry through the night: "ay life, do not deserve me!" or someone sings: "My girlfriend gave me a handkerchief / with banks to mourn ...". Who is this? "Noises. Voces. Rumors" says the jailer. When I Preciado "dies" and becomes another herald without a body, of the 275 disappeared during the "dirty war" documented in the Mexican political system breaks its last bond with the outside world: Comala Is Mexico? is already a separate space from its surroundings; far, far away, are Los Confines. He speaks of Pedro Páramo has led to questionable anthropological acclaim red note. Ensures that makes the narrator Rulfo a skilled stenographer colloquial language and politically correct missionary who gives voice to the voiceless, especially if they are dead or disappeared without leaving court record.

Comala as any dungeon prisons in Mexico has used his own to such heat that those who go to hell return for his blanket. Only memories of women deprived of their freedom blowing a wind smelling of lemons. In this wilderness, exhausted place, the outbreak of a leaf or the mention of water to achieve a chilling effect, especially for those who have lived the experience in "the little well" enough. In Comala, like the hijacked suffering the pigpen in captivity, a mouth is satisfied if they give "something for something".

No disappeared peasant spoke like character Rulfo, but few dialogues seem so "real" as those of Pedro Páramo. This illusion of naturalness depends on many resources from the hostile environment that agency sequestered, to enrich their imagination and language: "if consent to me," until you reach that poetry error: "you who have ears boys" , tautologies almost metaphysical: "This proves what shows you" or "If I heard only silence was because he was not yet used to the silence". After spending "I apandado" bread and water three months. Or simply address the rapid theater of the absurd: -¡Váyase much to hell! The withered leaves fall schedule every day as if they were long years and not milliseconds in ignored by Fox, history of Mexico. On the ground, dead leaves mingle with the broken promises of President scattered for twelve months. Time has gone faster than fifteen minutes of Vicente Fox.

Comala Is Mexico? Dangerously has become a nation of waste: souls without bodies, leaves treeless names without faces. The latter is crucial to thin the atmosphere: Damiana Cisneros, Hedwig Dyada, Fulgor Sedano, Toribio Aldrete contribute to the feeling of suffocation: the people no one is overpopulated. Juan Rulfo, poor gasket words like pebbles reaching unusual eloquence. "Occasionally heard the sound of words, and I noticed the difference because the words he had heard until then, until then I knew, had no sound, no sounded, felt, but without sound, like you hear in dreams ". Phrases tail biting and form rings of dust, "playing with the air giving the leaves glitter with playing the air."


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