domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

GEORGE OF THE BOLERO/ mario hernandez solorio

George waking after a restless sleep, awoke in his bed into a repulsive insect. Lying on a hard shell that moment he discovered was his back and lifting her head slightly, saw the figure of its convex bellied dark, surrounded by curved calluses whose prominence had drained the weight of the sheets to the ground.
What has happened to me?

Countless surprisingly spindly legs compared to the regular thickness of his legs, offered to his eyes the spectacle of an upheaval without consistency. No dreaming, no. George identified the room in his house full documentation on chemical weapons, an unusual book, just open the chapter on "The importance of mating pheromone in the American cockroach."

"Well, he thought. Maybe it was a nightmare. For now, I will sleep to forget these fantasies. " That something more was unrealistic, because George had the habit of sleeping on the right side, left side for ever and its current state will not allow him to adopt this position, each time trying to stay on the right side necessarily fall back again.

"That is my work tired," he said. He pauses and sliding around the memory began to find the cause of new problems. The electronic calendar on desk tells you that tomorrow is eleven in September, then you attack the urgency of launching a new war "unconventional" to maintain the supremacy of his country in the world, but to get here, His mind does not reveal more.

For many questions run through your head and the dace, George discovers that he now has two ultra-small antennas on the tail, forming several rows of hairs, which allow you to detect the slightest air current. That little wind reaches the barrier, a few thousandths of seconds before the factor that produces it: the danger.
Perceived then taconeo firm who come into the room. A melodious voice called to her door: "GeoooOOORGE, get up. Remember your appointment with Donald and Lezza. "It's Laura, his wife, who leaves untouched, in the hope that has been heard since has been automatically turned on the TV - Wake up with the first morning newscast.
"True, George said, how I could forget it."

Thousand times in vain attempts to get up, shut the eyes to avoid seeing that rebullicio the legs that did not stop until she felt a stinging pain and slight George, quickly identified as hunger.

In a violent twist produced by that feeling, got one of its six pairs of appendages start a piece of wood desk hogger. Slowly he discovered in himself, that his masticatory apparatus in addition to the six pairs of appendages that crush and grind the food in front of the mouth, "chew" goes further than that because it continues in the digestive tract in the form of crop, has teeth on the walls of chitin (the hard substance that covers the body) which continue breaking meal.
In this was, when your TV screen, the driver of the TV announces something that leaves you petrified, "cockroaches may have carried a dangerous virus similar to SARS in an apartment complex in Hong Kong, when the mysterious pneumonia that has killed 403 people as a result of SARS while about 3750 have been detected with the virus in 20 countries, half of the cases have occurred in China. "

"Now I know everything. "Shouted George angry completely. The global biological warfare had begun, and the reasons for his bizarre transformation fell cascades. Since its insistence that naughty "Male G. "(Donald and Leeza) that led to this singular snuff smoking, thinking that this was a genuine Havana cigar at the last meeting on chemical weapons, when in fact, did the victim of an experiment.
The combination of ammonia nicotine Paperback who gave up smoking senior leaders his staff, we isolated numerous pheromone in their sense of smell, to make way for the vomeroferinas, which sent the hypothalamus disrupted the functions of the pituitary gland, the autonomic nervous system, the emotional reactions and electrolyte balance.
On this site the message from the vomeronasal organ is received and processed a syndrome that can trigger fear, hunger, anger, sexual attraction, and in the exceptional case of George ... "The Metamorphosis of Kafka."
Toc, Toc, George, me, Laura, you've delayed a lot. Donald and Leeza are here. ¿GeoOOOrge ?----- Women anxious and desperate to hear no response, find the key and open the door. Then you hear a rending cry: "A cockroach !!!".

George was so scared that falls out of bed trying to escape, but is clumsy in the handling of your newly acquired shell, its uncontrolled legs that are moving in zigzag, it leads inevitably to the feet of his wife Laura. Her in an instinctive act of terror, raises her leg and down with fury, releasing all its humanity in George ... ¡¡CRASSSSHH.!!!!

John Lennon, the poet is singing

Imagine there's no heaven/ It's easy if you try/No hell below us
Above us only sky/Imagine all the people/Living for today...
Imagine there's no countries/It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for/And no religion too
imagine all the people/ Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer/ But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us/ And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions/ I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger/ A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people/ Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer/ But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us/ And the world will live as one

It is difficult to accept, but yes, imagine that things like this, the leader of The Beatles was shot on December 8, 1980. That day, David Chapman waited patiently for John outside his home to talk to him, ask for an autograph, look studied and accepted. Actually it was measured to give the final centralazo ... in the back.

John fell there in front of Yoko, mortally wounded. Moments later, that winter night was black even before the lifeless body of John, to the extent that nobody noticed in the walk of David Chapman's chilling on two legs strutting rooster.

Before being taken to the police station, handcuffed Chapman stopped: err let's look at the crime scene before his eyes, strangely sparkling, looked the Dakota building opposite Central Park in New York, the same, which long ago a night like that, was fathered by Satan the "Rosemary's Baby."