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       ASSANGE: ILLEGAL processing in USA.

              [Hypothetical third scenario]

Every crime committed in US, by law, criminal suspects before a Grand Jury and a predetermined judge, exercising its jurisdiction on the site or place where the crime was committed is processed. As stipulated in Article 3 paragraph 3 of the Constitution of the US, literally commands: "All offenses will be tried by a jury (...) judgment spoken of took place in the State where the offense was committed; but when it has not committed within the limits of any State, the Trial shall be at such place or places as the Congress may by a law. "

In recent months, the news was circulating that a grand jury investigating journalist and creator of Wikileaks Julian Assange. At the time that kind of buzz created uncertainty and damage to the affected computer and its nearest person, but immediately brings serenity that gives the intelligence and courage foolproof, steps were taken to deal with the news.

Subsequently, the government of US, filtered indirectly information to the press (WP) to recognize that if Julian Assange was processed, the same fate he would be the most important day of US who had published the WikiLeaks cables, and in these circumstances not considered a viable project or success. In no time, the government of US, referred to respect for human rights Julian Assange or American journalists and freedom of speech under the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights Declaration (Bill of Rights) of the Constitution that protects the media and American citizens and anyone who is in American territory with the right to freely express their political opinions and any material. The person who spoke on behalf of the government of US did not address this important point, the issue of human rights established and protected by the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment, remained untouchable. And one must wonder why this omission and censorship on this?


For if such a statement were true, this would be a Grand apocryphal Jury false corrupter of law on behalf of which he speaks, and the Grand Jury of dark origins, investigative acts lack legal force and therefore their legal consequences are VOID oF ORIGIN not having Congress issued a law to locate the place or state where Julian Assange should be prosecuted and therefore the place where the State must act to straighten a grand jury indictment against journalist Julian Assange.

And in the opposite case, that today the law has already been adopted by Congress, would result in a flagrant violation of article 3 paragraph 3 of the Constitution of the US by legal arguments that explain in the following lines. If Julian Assange be extradited to stand trial in any State or part of the territory of the US, the Constitution provides that Congress must discuss and approve a bill to pinpoint the place, or the State within the US in where it will process the creator of Wikileaks. If that law had dictated the Congress of US, journalist and activist Julian Assange would be in a situation of emergency and therefore defenseless, under which, the place where it would be processed, would result in the creation of a Grand Jury from that place to bring in exclusive the new law and therefore the establishment of a court ad -hoc that have discussed and approved by Congress to apply it exclusively to Mr. Julian Assange, ie, would be processed in an arbitrary manner by a court and a grand jury in a place ordained by law "with dedication against" no more than any other citizen would apply to him, in violation of the general principle of law which says, Before the Law, all citizens are equal. This contradicts and violates flagrantly so mandated by Article 1, Section Nine, paragraph 3 of the Constitution which clearly states: No bill of attainder or ex post facto Law shall apply”. This means that it is prohibited to issue decrees or laws that preclude, proscribe and discriminate against people, whether American citizens or people who are in US territory. Likewise, it is prohibited by Article invoked, make laws to be applied after the events occurred, ie with both retroactivo. Por effect is indisputable that the law had been passed Congress, is nothing else than a prosaic illegal decree of attainder and ex post facto law pedestrian light that invoked Article inapplicable journalist and creator of Wikileaks, JulianAssange.

This arrest and process also violates the right of Julian Assange and his papers [corpus delicti course], against unreasonable searches and seizures of, being inviolable until there is an order or warrant issued and supported a cause plausible, and supported by Oath or affirmation [4th Amendment]

This means that from the beginning, Mr. Julian Assange would be discriminated against and would be denied access to impartial justice, where it is processed by a predetermined judge, with full autonomy to respect the rules of due process where given an opportunity provide evidence to be heard in court and won. [5th Amendment] In conclusion, from the beginning, human and fundamental rights that benefit Julian Assange to claim the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments contained in the Bill of Rights Declaration would cancel US.

Why? Mr. Julian Assange does not live in US, non-US works. Mr. Assange did not commit any crime in the territory of the US, did not commit any crime outside the US only developed his professional activity that is investigative journalism in Australia and several European countries. However, the government believes that US journalism develops Mr Assange is not legal, but a terrorist activity that threatens the security of the government and US territory, therefore, according to them, the research newspaper that denounces war crimes against the civilian population considered against humanity, threatening the safety of US, without the US government exhibits a clear legal argument and established by evidence showing, what is "put into risk and danger the safety of US ".

The truth of the matter is that investigative journalism that develops Julian Assange has won numerous awards and prizes at the international level where he does a recognition of his work as an international journalist, a situation that contradicts and debunks accusations of government policies US against. This means that the judiciary US has limits in the so called "The Bill of Rights" of the Constitution of US, and therefore should not be extended to an investigation and future trial without due process against Julian Assange is citizen of Australia, for alleged crimes committed outside the territory of the US, because reaching this hypothetical case would be before a totally illegal and contrary to all equity proceedings implemented by a spurious and false Grand Jury investigations, actions and determinations without legal force ORIGIN being NULL. but

What is the Grand Jury?

The judicial system or Court of the United States is founded on the right to a trial by jury of their peers. "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury located in the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed," (6th Amendment);
and "No one shall be compelled to respond to a capital crime or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentation to a grand jury indictment," (5th Amendment).

In the grand jury determines whether there is sufficient evidence to begin a trial, after an examination of the evidence presented to them by a prosecutor in weighing the sufficiency thereof and when there is "reasonable suspicion", probable cause, or prima facie case that a crime has been committed. In the grand jury a "true bill" means that there is sufficient evidence to proceed to trial or "no true bill" means that there is insufficient evidence to continue the trial. Because the role of the grand jury is to determine only whether there is probable cause, no need jury hearing all the evidence, to conflicting testimony. "It is left to the good faith of the prosecutor to present conflicting evidence."

It is in these circumstances jure and de facto [in fact and law] the government of US lacks legal, clear and reasoned argument to support with evidence, why investigative journalism that develops Julian Assange, "threatening and threatening US security "or in your case, if there is" reasonable suspicion "or probable cause, which was committed the crime of terrorism or the investigative journalism is an offense that puts US security at risk.

If so, is flagrantly violate the provisions of the Fifth Amendment and DecimoCatorce that verbatim commands: Fourteenth Amendment (July 9, 1868) (...) "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its límitesjurisdiccionales within the protection of the laws, equal for all. "

These same conditions of rape and illegality of their human rights, is the journalist and creator of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, so in the unlikely event it was placed on trial may invoke the 5th Amendment commands, "(...) nor to any person (...) be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law (...) "
What is due process?

Due process is a legal principle that the state must respect all legal rights possessed by a person under the law. The procedural due process is a legal principle that everyone is entitled to certain, aimed at ensuring a fair and equitable outcome in the process to allow him an opportunity to be heard to assert their legitimate claims against the judge minimum guarantees. Due process requires that the government is subject to the laws of the country to protect the people of the state. When the government harms a person without following the exact course of the law incurs a violation of due process which violates the rule of law. In the due process, judges define and guarantee the fundamental principles of fairness, justice and freedom.

For JulianAssange, it is shown that for more than a thousand private days of their liberty obsolete and cruel conditions that affect your health without due process, until today. Illegally beyond doubt that violates the provisions of the First, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments contained in the Bill of Rights Declaration US.

Do not forget that in the United States, the Bill of Rights [The Bill of Rights "] are the border that limits the constitutional control, is the great foundation of the city to enforce the Habeas Corpus, is the term for the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States that have subsequently been extended to 27 These amendments explicitly limit the powers of the federal government, they assert the protection of the rights of the people through prevention, to prevent it from abridging from Congress and government freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, freedom of worship and the right to bear arms, preventing unreasonable search and seizure, cruel and unusual punishment and self-incrimination, and guaranteeing due process and a speedy public trial with a jury.

All of this is substantiated with ordering article 6 paragraph 2 of the Constitution and laws of the United States which shall be made ​​in pursuance thereof, and all treaties made, or which shall be made under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby, notwithstanding anything to the contrary that is in the Constitution or laws of any State.


After the foregoing analysis is necessary to launch this reflection and proposal team Assange's lawyers in situ, following the principle that "the best defense is offense."

1 Based on the above, it is feasible to propose to the US Supreme Court by way of "CLAIM" to consider whether the powers of Congress must repeal US, to pass a law to locate the place or State must establish where the grand jury and the court to judge an American citizen or a foreigner, they did not commit any crime within the territory of US, under this measure provides ad hoc tribunals and dedication to Grand Jury one person in particular, which contradicts the Constitution prohibiting the bill of attainder and ex post facto courts, as well as violating the provisions of constitutional control of "The Bill of Rights".

2 Based on the above, it is feasible to propose to the US Supreme Court by way of "CLAIM" to study why investigative journalism that develops JulianAssange "puts safety at risk and danger US ".

My two suggestions are fundadasen the "CLAIM" to the Supreme Court in 1919, when he was called to study whether to repeal a law violated freedom of expression in the case of a man, Charles Schenck, who had published pamphlets that challenged the system of compulsory military service. The Supreme Court upheld the conviction of the violation of Schenck in Schenck vs. EspionageAct USA. However, this experience proved that Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, writing for the Court, advised that "the question in every case is that if the words are of some kind to create a clear and present danger man cause objectives and substantive evils Congress has a right to prevent. "

New proposals were accepted by the Court in 1971, in the casoCohen vs California ruled that a person can not be punished for wearing in the corridors of the courts of Los Angeles County, a jacket that says "Draft Fuckthe" .403 US 15 (1971).

In 1969, the Supreme Court ruled that freedom of expression extended to students to Tinker v school. Des Moines US Independent Community School District 393 503 (1969). The case concerned himself to many students who were punished because they wear black armbands to protest the fabric Vietnam War. The Supreme Court ruled that the school could not restrict symbolic speech that did not cause excessive disruption of school activities. Judge Abe Fortas wrote, "The school can not be totalitarian enclave. School officials have no authority over their students. Estudiantes tienen fundamental rights which the State must respect."

In the next installment: "SNOWDEN AND MANNING: ILLEGAL declare traitors".

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George's Bolero.

George upon waking from uneasy dreams, he rose in his bed into a nasty bug. Lying on a hard shell that moments was discovering was his back and lifting his head a little, saw the dark figure of her convex belly, crossed by curved calluses had drained the salience weight of the sheets to the floor.

What happened to me?

Countless surprisingly skinny legs compared to the regular thickness of his legs, offered their eyes the spectacle of an agitation without consistency. No dreaming, no. George identified in your room in your home comprehensive documentation of chemical weapons; an unusual book, just open the chapter on "The importance of mating pheromone in the American cockroach."

"Well, he thought. Maybe it was a nightmare. For now, I will continue sleeping to forget these fantasies. "Over this was unfeasible because George had a habit of sleeping on the right side to the left side and his ever present state does not allow him to take this position, every time I tried to stay on the right side necessarily fall back again.

"That's my job tired," he said. He paused and then sliding the memory began to find the cause of their new evils. The electronic calendar on the desk tells you that tomorrow is September 11, it is then that assails the urgency of launching a new "unconventional" war to maintain the supremacy of his country in the world, but to get here his mind does not reveal more.

Furrow on his head to the many questions and gamble, George discovers he now has two small antennas on the ultra-tail, forming rows of hairs, which allow you to detect the slightest air current. That little wind reaches the barrier, a few thousandths of seconds before the factor that produces it: the danger.

Then perceived taconeos firm approaching the room. A melodious voice Knocks "GeoooOOORGE, arise. Remember your appointment with Donald and Lezza. "It's Laura, his wife, away untouched, trusting that has been heard, it is automatically switched on the TV alarm clock with the first morning news.

"True, says George, how could I forget."

A thousand times in vain attempts to rise; He closed his eyes so as not to see that rebullicio legs that did not stop until he felt a slight throbbing pain that George, quickly identified as hunger.

In a violent turn produced by this feeling, he got one of the six pairs of appendages ripped a piece of wood to triturating bureau. Slowly he discovered in himself, his masticatory apparatus in addition to the six pairs of appendages to crush and grind the food in front of the mouth, "chew" does not end there, because it continues in the digestive tract in the form of crop, has chitin teeth on walls (the hard substance that covers the body) following grinding the meal.

That was when the TV screen, the driver of the TV announcing something that leaves him petrified "cockroaches may have spread a dangerous-like SARS virus in an apartment complex in Hong Kong at a time mysterious pneumonia that has killed 403 people as a result of SARS while about 3,750 have been detected with the virus in 20 countries, half of them occurring in China. "

"Now I know everything. "Shouted George completely mad.

The global germ warfare had begun and the reasons for his strange transformation cascaded. Since that mischievous insistence of his "Men G." (Leeza and Donald) that led to this singular snuff smoking, thinking that it was a pure authentic habanero in the last session of chemical weapons, when in fact, they did victim an experiment.

The combination of rustic nicoteana with ammonia gave him to smoke high chiefs of his staff, we isolated numerous pheromones on their sense of smell, to make way for vomeropherins, which sent the hypothalamus, they disrupted the functions of the pituitary gland, autonomic nervous system, emotional reactions and electrolyte balance.

On this site the message from the vomeronasal organ is received and a syndrome that can trigger fear, hunger, anger, sexual attraction is processed, and in the exceptional case of George ... "Kafka's Metamorphosis."

Knock, Knock, George, me, Laura, you've delayed long. Donald and Leeza are here. ¿GeoOOOrge - Anxious and desperate to hear no response woman looking for the key and open the door. A piercing cry was then heard: "A cockroach !!!".

George is scared that falls out of bed trying to flee, but is clumsy in handling his newly acquired shell, their uncontrolled legs moving in zigzag, which inevitably lead to the feet of his wife Laura. She in an instinctive act of terror, lifting her leg and down furiously, discharging all his humanity in George ... CRASSSSHH!!

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Publicado por primera vez en 2005.

Nunca imaginó Lucho, el bolerista, que la disputa a puñetazos de este fin de semana con Tomás, líder de un grupo de mariachis, en los pórtales del puerto, a raíz de la enconada competencia por ganar clientes, sirviera para reabrir la polémica nacional, que hoy por hoy mantiene divididos a los mexicanos del norte y del sur, a los del centro con los de provincia, a los tabasqueños con los de Chihuahua y Coahuila, a López Obrador y Madrazo contra Martínez, Yarrington y Barrio.

Usted lea y diga, por un lado tenemos la obra literaria denominada " 100 corridos " difundida por la Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP), la cual ha causado inquietud y escándalo porque en algunos de ellos, se ensalza el culto a la personalidad de algunos barones de la droga.

Por el otro, tenemos el tema del desafuero del jefe de gobierno del distrito federal Andrés Manuel López obrador, que ha ocupado los principales espacios de los medios durante los últimos diez meses y, quiérase o no, ya es parte medular de este encono nacional.

En los últimos 200 años hemos tenido muchos políticos en el poder, pero pocos han sido verdaderos hombres de estado. Algunos del norte y otros del sur. Madero, Carranza, Obregón, Elías Calles, Lázaro Cárdenas, Benito Juárez, Porfirio Díaz, pero de que parte de país han predominado los hombres de estado ¿ Del norte o del sur ?.

Es la falta de visión en nuestros gobernantes, la que ha llevado en muchas ocasiones a la división del país. Históricamente, es el sureste, que continuamente ha tenido aires de independencia. Yucatán se ha declarado afuera de la federación. Por su parte el estado de Oaxaca hizo amagos de separación en 1915, por no soportar el estilo de gobernar de Álvaro Obregón.

El país empieza a tener consistencia como federación a partir del descubrimiento de grandes yacimientos de petróleo en el sureste. Eran los tiempos en que nos teníamos que preparar para administrar la abundancia, según López Portillo. Y por esas cosas de la vida, es precisamente el oro negro, el leit motiv del Plan Puebla –Panamá y el pretendido desafuero de López Obrador que nos puede dividir en dos.

Políticos como Tomás Garrido Canabal es la síntesis del temperamento y visión de los políticos del sur. En 15 de años de gobierno desplegó una fuerza política sin antecedentes en México, haciendo valer la institucionalidad de la constitución para mantener una cabal autonomía respecto de la federación.

En este escenario, los padres de familia se muestren inquietos, porque la Secretaría de Educación Pública, por conducto de su titular, ha declarado los medios que no piensa sacar de circulación ese texto, toda vez que el mismo, según ellos, es parte ya de la cultura de México, de su idiosincrasia y sus costumbres.

En los últimos años, la difusión y promoción de la obra de José Alfredo Jiménez en España, la música llamada vernácula y el corrido han causado furor, al grado que los peninsulares son adictos a ella.

“La Reina del Sur”

Es a partir de escuchar la grabación “Camelia La Texana “ que el periodista y escritor español Arturo Pérez-Reverte inspiró su novela “La Reina del Sur” ( traducido a 20 idiomas ) que pone de moda el narco-corrido en España.

Pérez-Reverte estuvo varios años pensando en Teresa Mendoza, la protagonista de su novela. Para ello, tuvo que inmiscuirse en el mundo del narcotráfico en Sinaloa donde el negocio de la droga ha creado un tejido social e, incluso, un nuevo lenguaje.

La obra de Pérez-Reverte, sin proponérselo, puso de moda el narco-corrido mexicano en España, y en todo el mundo de habla hispana donde se venden discos antológicos de Los Tigres del Norte; Los Tucanes de Tijuana y El Exterminador.

“La Reina del Sur” tiene contacto por primera vez con su autor en una cantina de la ciudad de México, donde descubre gracias a una rocola, cómo en tres minutos de música y palabra se contaba la historia de la mujer que vive en la frontera del amor y la muerte, la crueldad y la ternura, la violencia extrema y la amabilidad, con reglamentos de hombres, en el mundo de la droga. 


Como signo de los tiempos, el bolero en México y desde luego en Veracruz ha ido perdiendo todas la batallas. Nadie se ha preocupado por rescatar la obra del maestro Enrique Fentanes, Francisco Arrieta, Agustín Martínez, Emilio Cantarell, y Mario Ruiz Armengol.

Después de la caída del meteorito en Yucatán, no solo desaparecieron los dinosaurios, también se llevaron a los paquidermos del bolero en Veracruz. De Juanelo, Francisco Gonzáles y Pochencho ( Trio Veracruz ) no quedan ni sus huesos en un museo. Los boleristas del Parque Zamora, son “espécimen en extinción…”

En cambio de Tomás Garrido Canabal, queda el fenómeno excepcional toda una época. Logró que a principios de los años veinte la mujer tuviera una participación social muy activa. En tres lustros, Tomás Garrido Canabal hizo de Tabasco un experimento político, que fue digno de estudio por personajes del la literatura mundial como Graham Green, personaje a partir del cual, escribe su obra. “ El Poder y la Gloria”.

Como disfrutar del bolero Cha o el bolero Mambo, si no existen talleres de Bolero con referencia a la Orquesta Villa del Mar de Blanco Cancino, la Danzonera de los Hermanos Ramírez, el Conjunto Tropical Veracruz, los Cuatro Peregrinos o El Negro Peregrino ( Trío), Belisario López, y Beny Moré.

Sin Olga Guillot, la Rios y Toña La Negra, el genero languidece hace ya un rato largo, las nuevas generaciones no promueven ni difunden la educación de nuevos boleristas, solo hacen “shows y festivales” sin ninguna trascendencia.

Hoy todavía no se sabe, porqué interesaba a nivel mundial el tabasqueño Tomás Garrido Canabal y no otros políticos mexicanos. Inclusive Luis Buñuel estaba interesado en filmar el libro “ Las Navajas” obra de un escritor francés argelino y Manuel Robles, sobre Garrido Canabal.

Lo que si interesa y suena en el México de hoy, según Pérez-Reverte, es el corrido clásico de la Revolución al contener esa épica, pero adaptado a la nueva realidad social: “ Por eso, no puede ser que México se centre en el bolero y se olvide del narcocorrido, porque el México de los boleros de Luis Miguel es mentira, y el narcocorrido está ahí... Hasta ahora inevitable…”

El asunto es importante, porque un escritor europeo como Pérez Reverte, descubre en México los orígenes de la literatura universal, cuando el verso empezó dominando en los tres géneros.

Todo ello, propiciado por un escenario de pobreza y marginación, ideal para cocinar un caldo de cultivo en donde las historias no se leían en libros, sino que eran transmitidas oralmente, el verso contribuiría a fortalecer la memoria y a perpetuarlo. Es decir, sin mayor pretensión, el narco-corrido, en distancias guardadas, es una especie de Iliada. Es un relato en verso, algo parecido al Cantar de los Nibelungos.

Así fue hasta que llegó la invención de la imprenta, el verso entonces, se desligó del relato y quedó limitado al teatro y a la poesía, ya que los relatos empezaron a escribirse en prosa. Finalmente así era, pero lo insólito es que los medios y los multimedia están a todo lo que dan y el narco-corrido ahí está, conviviendo con ellos y hasta promovido por la SEP. Tons que, mi Lucho ¿ Bolero o Narco-Corrido

MEXICO: Bolero or  Narco-Corrido?

(First published in 2,005)

He never imagined Lucho, the bolero, the dispute punched this weekend with Thomas, leader of a group of mariachis in the portals of the port, due to the fierce competition to win customers, serve to reopen the national debate, which today remains divided Mexicans north and south, to the center of the province, with Tabasco Chihuahua and Coahuila, Lopez Obrador and Madrazo against Martinez, Yarrington and Barrio.

You read and say on the one hand we have the literary work called "100 corridos" released by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), which has caused unrest and scandal because some of them, exalts the cult of personality of some drug barons.

On the other, there is the issue of the impeachment of the head of government of the Federal District Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has held the main spaces of the media during the last ten months and, like it or not, it is a core part of this national rancor.

In the last 200 years we have had many politicians in power, but few have been true statesmen. Some other Northern and Southern. Madero, Carranza, Obregón, Calles, Lazaro Cardenas, Benito Juarez, Porfirio Diaz, but that part of the country men have dominated state Can the North or South.

It is the lack of vision in our government, which has often led to the division of the country. Historically, it is the Southeast, which has continually had an air of independence. Yucatán is declared outside the federation. Meanwhile the state of Oaxaca made ​​threats of separation in 1915, not to support the style of government of Álvaro Obregón.

The country begins to have consistency as a federation following the discovery of large oil deposits in the southeast. Those were the times we had to prepare to manage wealth, according to Lopez Portillo. And for those things in life, is precisely the black gold, the leitmotiv of the Puebla-Panama Plan and the alleged lawlessness of Lopez Obrador that can divide us into two.

Politicians like Tomas Garrido is the synthesis of temperament and vision of southern politicians. In 15 years of government deployed a political force unprecedented in Mexico by claiming the institutions of the constitution to maintain full autonomy from the federation.

In this scenario, the parents become very concerned, because the Ministry of Education, through its owner, said the media do not think that text out of circulation, since the same, they say, is part and Mexico's culture, its idiosyncrasies and customs.

In recent years, the dissemination and promotion of the work of Jose Alfredo Jimenez in Spain, called vernacular music and have run all the rage, insomuch that the Spaniards are addicted to it.

"La Reina del Sur"

It is from listening to "Camelia La Texana" recording Spanish journalist and writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte inspired his novel "La Reina del Sur" (translated into 20 languages) that catches on the narco-corrido in Spain.

Pérez-Reverte spent several years thinking about Teresa Mendoza, the protagonist of his novel. For this, I had to get involved in the world of drug trafficking in Sinaloa where the drug trade has created a social fabric and even a new language. 

The work of Pérez-Reverte unwittingly became fashionable Mexican narco-corrido in Spain, and throughout the Spanish-speaking world where disc anthology of Los Tigres del Norte are sold; Los Tucanes de Tijuana and The Terminator.

"La Reina del Sur" has first contact with the author in a bar in Mexico City, where he discovers thanks to a jukebox, how in three minutes of music and words the story of the woman who lives at the border had love and death, cruelty and tenderness, extreme violence and gentleness, with regulations of men, in the world of drugs. 


As a sign of the times, the Bolero in Mexico and certainly in Veracruz has been losing all the battles. Nobody cares to rescue the master's work Fentanes Enrique, Francisco Arrieta, Agustín Martínez, Emilio Cantarell, and Mario Ruiz Armengol.

After the fall of the meteorite in the Yucatan, not only the dinosaurs disappeared, the pachyderms bolero were also carried in Veracruz. Of Giovanni, Francisco Gonzales and Pochencho (Trio Veracruz) and their bones are not in a museum. The boleristas of Zamora Park, are "endangered specimen ..."
Instead of Tomas Garrido, exceptional phenomenon is an era. He got in the early twenties, the woman had a very active social participation. In three decades, Tomas Garrido Tabasco made ​​a political experiment that was worth studying for characters of world literature as Graham Green, a character from which he writes his work. "The Power and the Glory."

How to enjoy bolero bolero Cha Mambo or if there are no workshops Bolero Orchestra with reference to Villa del Mar in White Cancino, the Danzonera of the Ramirez Brothers Set Tropical Veracruz, Four or The Black Pilgrim Pilgrims (Trio) Belisario López, and Beny Moré.

No Olga Guillot, the Rios and Tona La Negra, gender languishing a long time ago, the new generations do not promote education and disseminate new boleristas only do "shows and festivals" no consequence.

Today it is not yet known, because interest worldwide Tabasco Tomas Garrido and no other Mexican politicians. Even Luis Buñuel was interested in filming the book "The Razor" work of a French Algerian writer and Manuel Robles on Garrido.

So if interested and sounds in Mexico today, according to Pérez-Reverte, is the classic run of the Revolution to contain the epic, but adapted to the new social reality: "So that Mexico can not focus on the bolero and forget narcocorrido because boleros Mexico Luis Miguel is a lie, and narcocorrido is there ... Until now inevitable ... "

The issue is important, because a European writer like Perez Reverte, in Mexico discover the origins of world literature, when the verse started dominating in all three genres.

All this led to a scenario of poverty and marginalization, ideal for cooking a breeding ground where the stories were not read in books, but were transmitted orally, the verse would strengthen the memory and perpetuate. That is to say, without much pretension, the narco-corrido, stored in distances, is a kind of Iliad. It is a tale in verse, something like the Nibelungenlied.

That was until she got the invention of printing, the verse then the story broke away and was limited to the theater and poetry, as stories began to be written in prose. Finally it was, but what is unusual is that the media and the media are giving everything and there's narco-corrido, living with them and even promoted by the SEP. Tons, my Lucho ¿Bolero or Narco-Corrido?