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Extradition sought by the United Kingdom of Great Britain against Mr. Julian Assange to Sweden , is legally and politically unreasonable and unlawful under the ratification of political asylum granted to the Republic of Ecuador Australian citizen Julian Paul Assange.

The ratification of the Republic of Ecuador to continue to protect the human rights of Mr. Julian Paul Assange confirms the new legal and political status in international relations between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Republic of Ecuador .

The law of treaties is one of the disciplines that has developed in recent years in the field
codified international law evolved from the celebration of the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1986 and the Treaties Concluded between International Organizations or between International Organizations and States.

It is incontrovertible that international treaties signed by nations recognized sovereignty to the United Nations such as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Republic of Ecuador must be respected and enforced in terms signed , otherwise this is a fact not only among serious consequences signatory countries , but a global problem not meet international covenants.

It is in this spectrum of aphorisms and legal principles that the United Kingdom of Great Britain is obliged to respect international treaties and conventions it has signed with other nations , including the Republic of Ecuador and probably will be forced to respect it because failure to do so, sit a bad precedent in international relations and an invitation to other countries to do the same for international sow chaos and disappearance of the human species from the face of the Earth . Is global chaos which the UK intends to use the economic power , the force of arms and political power to deny safe conduct Julian Paul Assange citizen above the right order and international law?

From there , there is no doubt that the rule of law should govern international relations in the concert of nations on the global chess board , therefore, the extradition between the Kingdom of Sweden VS Julian Paul Assange processed and settled in the city of London's Westminster Magistrates England should be as follows :

According to the rules of the extradition convention concluded between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Republic of Ecuador , clearly warn, at least EIGHT legal - political scenarios that make inadmissible the UK seeks extradition against Mr. Julian Assange and they are as follows ;

I. - The intended Sweden extradition against Mr. Julian Assange is in principle only for questioning in connection with alleged criminal offenses committed in Stockholm Sweden , it is illegal and unfair policy under the recent ratification of political asylum has been granted Republic of Ecuador Australian citizen Julian Paul Assange.

It should be noted , that according to the allegations of the European arrest warrant , issued in illegally against Julian Paul Assange , has two arrest warrants in Sweden for alleged crimes described in the three points below:

1. Mistreatment : On 13-14 August 2010, at the home of the injured party [ Anna Ardin ] in Stockholm. Julian Assange , [ allegedly] by using violence , forced the injured party to endure his restricting their freedom of movement. Violence was in firm control of the injured , by spreading a force of their legs while on top of her body weight and prevents it from moving or changing .

2. . Sexual abuse: August 13-14 , 2010 , at the home of the injured party [ AA ] in Stockholm , Assange [allegedly ] deliberately molested the injured party by acting in a manner designed to violate her sexual integrity . Assange , who was aware that it was the wish of the injured party and a prerequisite of sexual intercourse is to use a condom , and in this case , Julian consummated unprotected sexual intercourse with her ​​without her knowledge.

3. . Sexual abuse: August 18, 2010 or any day before or after that date , at the home of the injured party [ Anna Ardin ] never brought in to testify legally competent authority according to the justice system in Sweden , but did so by phone , which is illegal , therefore there is no charge or injured party in Stockholm , Assange deliberately molested the injured party by acting in a manner designed to violate her sexual integrity ie lying next to her naked, erect penis pressing against the body of the alleged victim.

4. Violación : The August 17, 2010 , at the home of the injured , Sofia Wilen , [ quiennunca appeared in legal form to testify before a competent authority according to the justice system in Sweden . Only be presented to a local police station where he works Anna Ardin 's friend , to see how the alleged accused Julian Paul Assange was made the HIV test , even though she already had done after sex with Assange and it was negative ] in Enkoping , Assange deliberately consummated had sex with her , use that , because it was " half asleep " had penetrated his penis without a condom and therefore was in a state of helplessness . Sofia Wilen authority never testified before any of the above . The authority outside their own procedure and opened a first investigation, which he left in the first weeks for lack of evidence of the crime of rape and sexual abuse , so the next day , after reviewing the record, the head Stockholm prosecutor Eva Finne denied the charge of rape because " I believe that there is no reason to suspect that he has committed rape." As research continued under harassment complaints accordingly ordered to close the case .


Act of abandonment is enough for the inadmissibility of extradition in accordance with international treaties signed by the UK , WITH EUROPEAN UNION AND SWEDEN . Being abandoned the case by Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne Stockholm who said that " there is no suspicion of any crime ." Swedish government has no right to request the extradition of new features , is, after all, a signatory to the Convention European Union on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters between the Member States of the European Union . to the extent that even after you have left the case credible source reports that the Swedish Prosecutor had failed Myrianne fill Ny responses on the pre-printed form correctly so that the European arrest warrant could resubmit to Scotland Yard well founded according to the law in the UK.

However, no one asserts this defense. Why ? Later, in another city, the district attorney of Gothenburg , not Stockholm , reopened the case " after new evidence " and " new witnesses " . The case gained momentum since then, but it is unclear exactly which facts led the prosecutor to reopen . " One of the plaintiffs , Anna Ardin , who arranged Assange 's trip from Australia to Sweden , worked for a time at the Embassy of Sweden in USA and had contact with groups of Cuban immigrants who had ties to the CIA and, consequently , she also had a relationship with American intelligence agency , "says the Russian agency .
For this reason, " some believe that Anna Ardin ( supuestavíctima ) is a CIA agent , or has ties with the agency, and that the entire case against Assange is nothing more than an unworthy political provocation . "
The prosecutor Marianne Ny Superiorde Sweden granted the petition and reinstated the investigation of rape . On September 1, 2010 is when ordered to open a second investigation into atypical and suspicious , which currently remains open , but was initially rejected by Scotland Yard not contain the legal requirements laid down by UK law. It is a fact that people like Marianne Ny and Claes Borgstrum have worked together to produce new and more stringent laws on sexual offenses . For this reason , their inclusion in this reopening of the case against Assange , has been premeditated .

The Swedish Prosecutor Marianne Ny introduces all research and proceeds to " make her up " to embellish and adjust to legal requirements requested in London and achieve admitting the request for arrest and detention against Julian Paul Assange.

 The inventory of today is that there is only ruling on the extradition without proof in the UK , compared to the charge of the alleged crimes of rape and sexual intimidation and other , fincados without legal basis by the Attorney General of Sweden after that they had abandoned the case. Which is why , we arrive at the conclusion that the Act Violation Case neglect , sexual abuse allegedly committed illegal Constraints Mr. Julian Assange is sufficient for the inadmissibility of extradition according to international treaties concluded by UK WITH EUROPEAN UNION AND SWEDEN .

II . - The crime of sexual harassment in the case of Rape Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen on . Especially is accused of having forced one of the alleged victims into sex while sleeping , without a condom . He is also suspected of " sexual assault " to another woman for refusing to wear a condom contradicting her " express wish " and " sexual assault sexual integrity " of this woman and of " unlawful coercion " for having used all weight of his body on her during one of her sex. A total of crimes:

1. mistreatment
2 . sexual Abuse
3 . sexual Abuse
4 . violation

From the above, it concludes that the four crimes imputed to Julian Paul Assange illegally by the Attorney General of Sweden , has no legal basis. Thisis so because there is Extradition Convention signed and ratified between the Republic of Ecuador and the United Kingdom of Great Britain where it is clearly stated that the Republic of Ecuador and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland , having seen fit to the better administration of justice and to prevent crimes within their respective territories and jurisdictions that persons accused or convicted of crimes listed once, and being fugitives from justice , should under certain circumstances , be reciprocally delivered the president of Ecuador and Her Majesty the UK , therefore the president of Ecuador and s . m . Will be governed by the following:

1. - Murder or attempt or conspiracy to murder , 2. - Homicide 3. - Falsifying or altering of currency , or circulation of counterfeit or altered currency 4. - Against birth Forgery or alteration of the counterfeit , against made ​​or altered ; May . - Theft, concealment of assets from an inheritance not yet accepted by the heir , or larceny 6. - Get currency or other effects by means of false pretenses , 7. - bankruptcy Crimes against case law 8. - Fraud by an individual on bail , banker , agent, factor , trustee or curator , director, member or employee of a company , declared criminal by law at that time , 9. - Rape violently. 10 . - Abduction or kidnapping ; 11. - Child stealing , 12. - Theft night or entry into a house with violence for the purpose of stealing , 13. - Arson , 14. - Robbery , 15 . - Threats writing or otherwise for the purpose of committing any act of racketeering , 16 . - Sinking or destroying a vessel at sea, or attempt or conspiracy for this purpose ; 17. - Assaults on board a ship at sea, with the intent of taking life or cause serious injury .


Extradition is the act by which a State delivering a person in its territory to another State which claims to have the character of accused , tried or convicted for committing a crime, in order to be subjected to trial or detained to comply with sentence.

Immediately after , it is necessary to note that FORCE IS THE LAW OF EXTRADITION INTERNACIONAL by the following procedure.

According to Article 17, first paragraph, of the International Extradition Law , when it manifests the intention to submit a formal request for the extradition of a person , it is required that the requesting State only expresses the offense for which extradition request and identifies as against claimed there is a warrant issued by competent authority , for at that stage of the proceedings , the federal judge does not have sufficient evidence to determine whether the crime attributed to claimed , according to the ruling law allows bail under Article 26 of the Act, under which this happens until you make the formal extradition request , according to Articles 19 and 20 of the Act , is until this stage that the judge has the necessary elements to provide whatever , to the extent that section 16 of the Act requires the State to be eligible applicant provided , such as reproduction of the text of the precepts of the law of requesting State which defines the crime and sets the penalty to make the formal extradition request . All this never fulfilled Swedish UK .

It is crystal clear unpolluted citizen 's behavior Julian Paul Assange does not fit into either end of the 17 standards listed above and because of the convention concluded between the Republic of Ecuador and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

It also requires that the requesting State only expresses the offense for which the extradition request , but the kingdom of Sweden never complied with the law , and Scotland Yard refused the first application, it was also necessary that the kingdom of Sweden against Julian Assange plain that there is a warrant issued by competent authority , Article 16 of that law requires the requesting State to meet all requirements as reproduction of the text of the provisions of the will , in which the requesting State bases its request for extradition to define the crime and determine the penalty to make the formal extradition request .

Consequently not being provided for in the Convention signed between the Republic of Ecuador crimes 1. Duress 2 . Sexual abuse 3 . Sexual Abuse 4 . Violation .

Neither have expressed the kingdom of Sweden applicant so ordered by Article 16 of the Law on International Extradition , as the reproduction of the text of the precepts of the law of the requesting State which defines the crime and sets the penalty to make the formal extradition request . Not applicable request for enforcement of the judgment dismissing the extradition United Kingdom of Great Britain continued against citizen Julian Assange. Even assuming that the aforementioned crimes, have been committed , not provided for in the aforementioned international treaty, that the species is being Conditio Sine Non Cua ( REQUIREMENT ) for source and ejecución.Menos Moreover, the alleged crimes were committed in territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain .

III. - What actually happened is that Mr. Julian Paul Assange was accused of rape illegally without formal complaint agraviaday part without the legal requirements needed by the state of the Kingdom of Sweden to initiate ex officio investigation against Julian Assange according to Swedish law and International Extradition Law , in this way , we have filed criminal proceedings against him for the crimes of rape and intimidation has several irregularities and inconsistencies in the background and so that in due course , should occupy main attention .

However, the legal defense of Julian Assange should immediately address amenazadel EE.UUMichael former Attorney General Mukasey , when he declared : " When one is accused of a serious crime , it is common to be kept in relation to a misdemeanor while you assemble evidence of a second crime. " (The Guardian , 12/07/10 ) .

 The above should not be forgotten . Except when there is a history that require extreme caution . On December 8, 2010 The Independent newspaper cited " diplomatic sources " confirming informal talks between Sweden and the U.S. on extradition of Julian Paul Assange.

In the procedural time and time appropriate policy should be handled the argument : " The criminal laws of U.S. and UK require any citizen to report publicly , or disclose to the competent authorities any criminal act or crime committed by any anti social or autoridadque come to your attention . Failure to do so could be considered an accomplice to such crimes and misdemeanors " ;

WikiLeaks is what he has done , disseminate , report and publicize crimes and offenses that have knowledge , and that undermine human rights , life , liberty and human dignity in any region of the world. Just not to be complicit in crimes against humanity .

Reproduce here some of the pearls that underlie the prestige gained since 2008 by global citizen Julian Paul Assange and his organization WikiLeaks in paragraph marked with the Roman numeral IX and demonstrate conclusively that behind the motion of his delivery has been with the clear intention to try him and punish him for an offense of a political character .

IV . - In none of the articles mentioned are set out elements of the offense that formed the basis to make the illegal CONVICTION IN THE JUDGMENT OF THE TRIAL OF EXTRADITION in Britain Australian citizen Julian Assange ; This means that crimes Coercion , intimidation and sexual violation are not covered by the rules of the extradition convention concluded between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Republic of Ecuador and consequently not from the execution of the judgment in the extradition the United Kingdom of Great Britain continued against Australian citizen Julian Assange.

None of the alleged crimes imputed to Mr. Julian Assange and underlie the extradition ruling handed down by the UK justice against Australian citizen Julian Assange was committed in the territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain , conditio four non sine ( REQUIREMENT ) to proceed the execution of the judgment in the extradition trial United Kingdom of Great Britain continued against Australian citizen Julian Assange at the request of the Kingdom of Sweden . Therefore not necessary to the execution of the judgment in that extradition trial . Failure to observe this, would be a flagrant violation of the agreement signed between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Republic of Ecuador . Moreover, the crimes underlying the extradition trial judgment issued against Julian Assange , do not exist in British law , which makes it legally impossible extradition sentencing against Mr. Julian Paul Assange.

V. - Imagine for a moment that there are no EXTRADITION FROM IMPAIRED specified in the apartadosI ), II ), III ) of this reflection, prior to delivering him to the British authorities , Mr. Julian Paul Assange may exercise its right to enforce by a writ of habeas corpus , and if she is to be made well , your delivery should be delayed until after the decision of the Court on the motion and exercise of that right - habeas corpus - and still then take place only if the decision is adverse to the appellant. In the latter case can the court order the immediate delivery to the person entitled to receive , without order of the Secretary of State on such delivery or subject to prison to keep order in compliance artículo1o , section 2 , of the said Convention on Extradition held between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Republic of Ecuador .

VI. - By not complied with the rule contained in Article 1 . of the said Convention [ Treaty ] applicable extradition to the alleged criminal conduct of Mr. Julian Assange is legally impossible to move to compliance with the procedure laid down in article 2 of the said extradition convention according to the domains of S. M. British , the procedure would be as follows:

Section 1ø . - In the case of a person accused - As is the case of Mr. Julian Assange - The petition delivery will be made to Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs S. M. by the Minister or other diplomatic agent of the Republic of Ecuador , accompanied by a witness or other equivalent judicial document to proceed with the arrest of the accused , issued by a judge or magistrate duly authorized to take cognizance of the acts that the person has been charged in Ecuador , together with the duly authenticated or relationships provisions made ​​under oath before a judge or magistrate , clearly stating the acts , and a description of the person sought , and all individuals that lead to identification. Said Secretary of State forward the documents expressed the principal Secretary of State for the Interior of S. M. who by an order signed and dated his hand will know some London police magistrate that such demand has been made ​​, and will be required if there are sufficient grounds for issuing the warrant for the arrest of the fugitive . With the written order of the Secretary of State and the production of sufficient evidence in the opinion of Judge justifying the SI AUTO ISSUE OF CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED IN THE UK -

Julian Assange , then 39, was arrested under a European Arrest Warrant after an appointment at a London police station . He is accused by the Swedish authorities of one count of coercion , two counts of sexual abuse and one count of rape , all allegedly committed in August 2010.

Why take this route, as the road much easier MLA could have been used to question Mr. Julian Assange ?
In this case , NOT has the offense allegedly committed in Sweden by Mr. Julian Assange , according to applicable British law in the UK and International Extradition Law cited above , therefore, appropriate application extradition.

This means that "there are no elements of crime" or the substance of the allegations integrate hechosque are clearly " exaggerated " what law requires him in the UK.

This explains why the FIRST detention order was sent back by Scotland Yard to Sweden , as it did not comply with the law (United Kingdom). It is clear that the arrest warrant legal requirements needed to be met in the UK and International Extradition Law ; case of sexual offenses. Moreover , the Code of Judicial Procedure in Sweden " research should be conducted so that no person is unnecessarily exposed to suspicion , or subjected to unnecessary cost or inconvenience ."

Therefore, according to the judgment of Judge Howard Riddle, in UK law must be applied Mutuacomo Legal Assistance approximate the answer to issue a European arrest warrant "in order to question a witness." Consequently , no basis for extradition judgment rendered by the Westminster magistrates against Mr. Julian Paul Assange , the eXIST nO lAW that serves to support the extradition request according to the legislation in the UK.

The legal aphorism of ancient Rome , whose empire once stretched to what is now London and, still part of the general principles of law that says: "Non penae sine lege " and that means " No punishment without law "and that for the reasons stated in the old aphorism derives Roman , now still in force, known as: " in Dubio PRO REO " , whose strength and legal scope is as follows: in the absence of full proof must be acquitted , precisely because the conviction must be supported in situations involving certainty in the mind of the judge. It should not go beyond. It is not a matter of doubt simply a problem of lack of proof with respect to the embodiment of the alleged crime Rape , whose commission supported.

" In Dubio PRO REO " , resulting in strict law "Ad hoc " to assert the defense of Julian Assange, who is undoubtedly also due to receive an acquittal in the extradition trial sponsored by the Kingdom of Sweden , and thus came the order release of Mr. J. P. Assange to NOT updated or checked the specifications of standard elements applicable to the case , which contains the international convention signed between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Republic of Ecuador 's Article 1, mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph VIII , and are:

A) " [ ... ] if there are sufficient grounds for issuing the warrant for the arrest of the fugitive . "
B ) " [ ... ] sufficient evidence in the opinion of Judge to justify the issuance of the writ if the crime had been committed in the UK "

VII . - Has signed the international convention between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Republic of Ecuadoren said ARTICLE 8 . - " No person accused or convicted will be given , if the offense for which his surrender is demanded is estimated by the party who is required to be of a political nature , or if the person proves to the satisfaction of the police magistrate or court before which led to habeas corpus, or the Secretary of State , that the motion of his delivery has been , in effect , made with a view to judge and punish him for an offense of a political character . "

It is undisputed that in this case , the intention behind it is to judge and punish the Australian citizen Julian Paul Assange , founder of the leading global organization WIKILEAKS are political motives by the revelations of documents , videos, recordings and testimony that bare the falsehood and hypocrisy of politicians and politics of some states.

WikiLeaks , always preceded by a protected action TRUTH and opportunity that are filtered through the mainstream media in the world with the sole purpose of seeking justice through transparency in defense policy and human rights every human being anywhere in the globe.

Here are some of the shares underlying the prestige gained since 2008 by global citizen Julian Paul Assange and his organization WikiLeaks and demonstrate conclusively that behind the motion of his delivery has sidocon clear intention to try him and punish him for an alleged offense of a political character . Let's throw unamirada :

1. WikiLeaks and Julian Assange has not been charged with any crime in any country of the world.

2.-. WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have been recognized for quality investigative reporting with many prestigious awards , including : a) Sam Adams Award , awarded unanimously in 2010 , for Integrity in Intelligence (Iraq War Logs ) by a group older retired U.S. military and intelligence , b ) Amnesty UK Media Award in 2009 for " Cry of Blood" report on extrajudicial killings and disappearances in Kenya , c) Freedom Award , awarded by the magazine The Economist of Expression Award in 2008 ; d ) Assange won the Gold Medal of Peace Foundation Sydney in 2011 " for his exceptional courage and initiative in pursuit of human rights " . The Sydney Peace Foundation has just awarded 4 gold medals in 16 years, with Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama of being two of the other 3 recipient e) Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism in 2011 : " He is brave , determined and independent and true agent of people not of power ... [ WikiLeaks ] goal of justice through transparency is in the oldest and best tradition of journalism. " f ) Walkley Award for most outstanding contribution to journalism in 2011 ;

3. . WikiLeaks has a perfect record in terms of reliability of information. No government has denied the authenticity of documents;

4 . WikiLeaks writes your documents , so far there is no person who has been physically damaged by their publications ;

5. WikiLeaks exposes the government and businesses in corruption, fraud, shady business , war crimes , torture and kidnapping. It is in the public interest to know these things .

6 . WikiLeaks has partnered with The Guardian , New York Times , Der Spiegel , Le Monde and El Pais for publishing Cablegate . Why only affect WikiLeaks ?

7. . WikiLeaks acts in accordance with traditional journalism . Publication of the information provided by various sources.

8. WikiLeaks acts as traditional media , but protects its sources with secure anonymous mailbox .

9. WikiLeaks is a legitimate online news editor legal , recognized as such by other journalism organizations worldwide . In 2012 , WikiLeaks has partnered with nearly 100 media organizations worldwide.

10 . WikiLeaks is a publishing independent nonprofit funded by donations from ordinary citizens around the world . Because WikiLeaks believes in transparency of their financial records are public responsibility.

11. WikiLeaks goal is altruistic : " Justice through transparency. " WikiLeaks is a catalyst of democratic movements worldwide .

12. WikiLeaks launched in 2006 to provide security to whistleblowers regimes and dictatorships in the Third World , and to inform the world about their situation.

13. During the first four years , WikiLeaks published the government and corporate misdeeds many countries.

14. In 2010, WikiLeaks received files for U.S. Collateral Murder video , the Afghan war diaries , records of the Iraq war , and the U.S. embassy cables .

15. The videos and documents revealed U.S. war crimes war , rorting , and lying by the U.S. government in relation to civilian casualties and war progress .

16. Cables reveal U.S. government and corporate exploitation , intimidation and manipulation of other governments (as well as the good actions of officials of the United States).

17. The cables reveal and confirm people in their own governments and corporations was involved in shady misdeeds .

18. WikiLeaks exposes the ALP attempted censorship plan "Clean Feed " Internet for Australia .

19. The Australian government promoted " Clean Feed " as a way to filter pornography police infantil.La objected to this that the images were peer-to -peer ( non-Web ) .

20 . WikiLeaks published the list " Clean Feed " which includes politically sensitive sites , sites against abortion , euthanasia and sites , as well as WikiLeaks.

21. "Clean Power " was abandoned as a direct result of the WikiLeaks exposure of their political nature fundamentally undemocratic.

22. WikiLeaks exposes ALP Senator Mark Arbib as a source protected by the U.S. government for 4 years . Arbib was involved in a coup that overthrew ALP elected Australian Prime Minister .

23. A 2007 WikiLeaks cable showed that the Australian government was risking the Great Barrier Reef , and secretly hesitant penalties for violating U.S. laws tankers in the Torres Strait .

24. According to the harm reduction procedures WikiLeaks , WikiLeaks asked the U.S. State Department Cable to help with essays . They refused .

25 . Note the time :
Collateral Murder video released 5/4/10
Gillard coup 24/06/10
Afghan Daily released 25/07/10
Sex allegations surface 20/8/10
22/10/10 Iraq war logs released
Cablegate released 28/11/10
August 18, 2010 (two days before the sexual allegations ) Anders Hellner , senior policy advisor Foreign Policy Institute in Sweden , told Swedish television news Rapport: "The situation is growing because an official party Swede who is represented in the European Parliament ( the Pirate Party , which had announced that it would host Wikileaks servers ) is taking things that the views of the U.S. is a very controversial . Americans are looking to stop this somehow . "

26. After the release of Afghan war diary , Julian visited Sweden to obtain residency and base WikiLeaks there ( because they have good whistleblower laws ) .

27. The U.S. was aware that Wikileaks had more releases to come and wrote threatening letters . Julian warned entrapment schemes .

28. Official Krans , Borgstrum , Bodstrum and Anna Ardin [ alleged victim ] are all members of the Swedish Social Democratic Party .

29. A month after the sexual allegations Assange , all stood for election on a platform of reform of sexual offenses .

30. Swedish judge Brita Sundberg - Weitman (retired ) says . "Mr Borgstrum is a politician whose platform is associated with radical feminist activism , and has developed a legal practice around performance complainants in rape cases in recent years , elements of the Social Party, including one of the complainants ( Anna Ardin ) , which is a known and aspiring social democratic politician and lawyer Mr. Borgstrum and some public officials , like Ms. Ny , have taken the initiative amending Swedish law, in order to try to do more favorable to women. 's a fact that people like Marianne Ny and Claes Borgstrum have worked together to produce our new stricter laws , sexual offenses " .

31. Borgstrum appealed the decision to terminate the investigation of violations prosecutor Marianne Ny .

32 . Julian Assange has not been informed of the appeal , so it did not have the opportunity to comment .

33 . On September 1, 2010 , Marianne Ny granted the petition and reinstated the investigation of rape .

34 . " It is completely untrue that we are afraid of Assange , so did not want to file a complaint ... not violent and do not feel threatened by him," said AA women Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet , the August 21, 2010 .

35 . The alleged condom " deliberately broken " (presented as evidence by AA ) AA did not contain DNA or JA .

36 . There are significant differences between the original statement of SW and was released to the media .

37 . We estimated the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet demand for access to the police file on September 1, 2010 . They were denied requests Suecadel Assange lawyer Mr Hurtig of access to documents of the police ( in September-November ) .

38 . Julian remained in Sweden for five weeks to respond to the charges against him . Through his lawyer , Mr. Hurtig , Julian became proactive attempts to arrange an interview with the Swedish prosecutor . Ny Attorney refused all offers of Julian to the interview before giving permission to leave Sweden on September 15, 2010 .

39 . On September 22, 2010 , the interview was finally agreed to by the Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny on September 29, 2010 . The U.S. Pentagon announced a team of 120 people dedicated to " take action " against WikiLeaks , before the publication of the Iraq War Logs and Cablegate . Julian was keeping a low profile in terms of threats to their security and could not be contacted and informed of the interview date September 29 . Julian left Sweden on September 27, 2010 for a business meeting and Media Partner Cablegate concert with Der Spiegel. Julian did not "run away" from Sweden . He stayed in Sweden a total of 37 days, after accusations delayed its overseas business . It was with Swedish official permission .

40 . The September 29, 2010 , Julian called his lawyer to inform your luggage (including three laptop computers ) on the flight had disappeared Stolkholm -Berlin . His Swedish lawyer Mr Hurtig informed Julian (first time ) 28 interview septiembre.Julian offered to return to Sweden for an interview on the 9th or 10th of October. This was rejected because it was the weekend . Julian offered to return to Sweden on October 11, 2010 . This was rejected for being "too far" .

41 . In October and November 2010 , Julian was in London working on the Iraq War Logs release and preparing for Cablegate with media partners The Guardian , Der Spiegel , Le Monde , El Pais , and the New York Times. The Iraq War Logs, WikLeaks , were released on October 23, 2010 . On October 27 , the CIA refused to confirm or deny the suggestions of plans to assassinate Julian . Julian had stayed at the forefront Club ( a London club for journalists ) for much of October and November 2010. He conducted several talks during this period, including a speech at the UN in Geneva.

42 . In October and November 2010 Julian lawyers in the UK was offered an interview under the Mutual Legal Assistance ( MLA) scheme between the UK and Sweden. Swedish prosecutor Ny refused all offers of Julian to the interview by the MLA standard protocol .

43 . On November 2, 2010 , UK police reported Assange 's lawyers could contact them through to the legal process .

44 . Despite refusing to interview Julian for seven weeks , Sweden won a European Arrest Warrant ( EAW ) for him ( November 18, 2010 ) question .

45 . Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny also tried incommunicado Julian awaiting a future trial .

46 . An EAW is used for processing, without question. Julian EAW is very irregular . " A European arrest warrant should not be used for research purposes . " - Committee of the UK Parliament Joint Human Rights , June 2011.

47 . The November 20, 2010 Despite being informed of the whereabouts of Julian Assange , Sweden authorized to Interpol Red Notice PUBLIC for him.

48 . "I consider it inappropriate and disproportionate that Ms Ny requested an arrest warrant from Interpol and the European arrest warrant for Mr. Assange ," said the expert (retired ) Swedish judge Sundberg - Weitman Britta . The only recent example of Sweden issuance of an Interpol Red Notice , and a European arrest warrant for a sexual offense involving a repeat offending pedophile .

49 . The November 26, 2010 Sweden issued a European arrest warrant for Julian ( two days before WikiLeaks began to publish Cablegate ) . This would lead to the arrest of Julian within 10 days , but the order was invalid and had to be re- issued on December 2, 2010 .

50 . The November 27, 2010 The U.S. State Department sent an intimidating letter in response to a letter from applicant entry Julian harm minimization Cablegate .

51 . The November 28, 2010 WikiLeaks began publishing the U.S. diplomatic cables ( aka Cablegate ) .

52 . WikiLeaks cables on the U.S. revealed secret relations between U.S. and Swedish officials to circumvent the democratic process in Sweden . Sweden secretly agreed to allow U.S. access to large amounts of data on Swedish citizens . Swedish MP Camilla Lindberg resigned in protest , stating: " With the sale of their own people , the government has tried to curry favor with the U.S. Slowly continue to dismantle democracy. "

53 . Karl Rove , former political adviser to U.S. president George Bush , is a political adviser to Swedish Prime Minister Fredrick Reinfeldt. Rove abandon the policy of the United States of favor after orchestrating smear campaigns against opponents políticos.Karl brutal Rove is also good friends with the Swedish Foreign Minister , Carl Bildt.

54 . The November 29, 2010 : U.S. politicians " declared war " against Wikieaks : " Assange is an anti -American blood on his hands . Why not pursued with the same urgency as al Qaeda ? " - Sarah Palin.
" I would see this as a military problem , with potentially military action against him and his organization. " - Tom Shaffer , formerly of the Defense Intelligence Agency , Fox News.
" Anything less than execution is too kind a penalty. " - Mike Huckabee , the Republican presidential candidate .

55 . The November 30, 2010 : Interpol issued a Red Notice Julian Paul Assange to 188 countries.

56 . More threats of politicians : " Well, I think Assange should be assassinated , actually. I think Obama should put a contract and maybe use a drone or something .... I would not feel unhappy if Assange ' disappeared ' . " - Tom Flanagan , a former adviser to the Canadian Prime Minister , November 30, 2010 .
" We are at war . Espero ( U.S. Attorney General ) Eric Holder ... to ... get our laws consistent with being at war . " - Sen. Lindsey Graham , November 30, 2010 .
Julian Assange should be " tried as a terrorist . " - Sen. Rick Santorum , the Republican presidential candidate , November 30, 2010 . " He should be treated as an enemy combatant . WikiLeaks should be closed. " - Newt Gingrich, December 5, 2010 .
" A dead man can not leak stuff ... illegally shoot the son of a bitch . " - Bob Beckel , Fox News, December 6, 2010 .

57 . On December 7, 2010 : Obama administration pressures Paypal , Visa and Mastercard for blocking donations to WikiLeaks , closing 95% of their funds. Western Union and Bank of America followed soon after. In early December 2010 € 60,000 PayPal also froze WikiLeaks donations held by the German charity Wau Holland Foundation .

58 . The December 6, 2010 Julian Defense Fund ( with € 31,000) was frozen by Swiss Bank Post Finance . The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression WikiLeaks condemned the blockade .
" The financial blockade is a free speech issue ," said Trevor Timm, an activist for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. "The government , aware that they could not charge WikiLeaks with a crime for publishing classified information - because all the newspapers do - decided to pressure private companies like Amazon , Visa and MasterCard in banning WikiLeaks. "
The suppression of donations is essentially an end-run around the First Amendment , said Timm . " The Government is not technically censorship - they are leaving the dirty work to private companies major newspapers like the New York Times printing classified information all the time ... major newspapers like the New York Times or Time Magazine Street Wall print . information confidential at all times . has been going on for decades , and no one has been prosecuted for it. "
The January 14, 2011 , the U.S. Treasury refused the request of Senator Peter King to blacklist WikiLeaks or Assange as there was no reason to.
In July 2011, WikiLeaks filed a complaint about the financial blockade with the European Commissioner for violation of EU antitrust laws . They are still awaiting a response .
It is estimated that since the WikiLeaks blockade has prevented more than $ 20 million in donations.

59 . The U.S. government also pressured ISPs to terminate services to WikiLeaks. For example, the December 1, 2010 , Amazon removed WikiLeaks from its storage servers . The December 2 DNS record stopped pointing serves the domain. On December 20, Apple removed an app that allowed iPhone users to search WikiLeaks cables .

60 . The December 5, 2010 the Attorney Ny tried to mislead the public into error by declaring to the press : " Both the British and Swedish law prevents me question Assange in London. " She made ​​the same claim in a third interview for publication TIME .
The use of a video link is a protocol established by Swedish decision ( SC- nja (2007 ) 337 ), which also states that it is disproportionate to issue a European arrest warrant for questioning when a person is cooperating . The appropriate means , proportionate and legal way to ask a person for questioning in the UK is through the Mutual Legal Assistance Plan . From United Kingdom Julian house arrest in 2010, the Swedish Prosecutor Ny has rejected all proposals to be interviewed at Scotland Yard or the Swedish Embassy .

61 . On December 7, 2010 Julian Assange went willingly with his lawyer at the police station in Kentish Town in London in response to the European arrest warrant . The EAW was the first document that Assange received Swedish prosecutors English ( translation provided by the police in the UK ) . This was also the first time that Julian had been informed in writing of the charges and possible specific charges against him.

62 . The European arrest warrant and Interpol Red Notice was issued just before and just after executing began publishing Cablegate . If Julian Assange had returned to Sweden in October / November / 2010 , have been held incommunicado in jail and had not attended the release of Cablegate .

63 . On December 7, 2010 Julian went into voluntary custody in the United Kingdom. He spent ten days in solitary confinement in maximum security prison Wandsworth. 180,000 Bail Sterling was exhibited by J. Assange , but in Sweden opposed the bail petition rejected Judge Riddle Swedish .

64 . On December 8, 2010 The Independent newspaper cited " diplomatic sources " confirming informal talks between Sweden and the U.S. on extradition of Julian .
Michael Mukasey , former U.S. Attorney General said : " When one is accused of a serious crime , it is common to be kept in relation to a misdemeanor , while you assemble evidence of a second crime. " (The Guardian , 12/07/10 )

65 . The December 14, 2010 Julian was granted bail of $ 374,000 ( in cash and guarantees) and surrendered his passport. He was placed under house arrest with a curfew at night, equipped with an electronic ankle monitor , and ordered to report daily to the local police station. The Swedish government opposed the bail and filed an appeal , so Assange returned to jail for 48 hours until the appeal hearing on December 16, 2010 . Sweden lost the appeal and Julian was released on bail until the hearing of the European arrest warrant , has been set for January 11, 2011 .
UK Supreme Court agreed Statement of Facts (ie , the facts agreed by the Swedish authorities ) :
Brief former Australian diplomat Tony Kevin to Australian MPs on the political agenda , USA and Sweden , entrapment :
Jen Robinson Attorney Australian parliamentarians to brief the facts , schedule , players , concerns re Sweden WikiLeaks fit up re:
Lawyer Peter Kemp shortly 02/03/11 Australian MPs re violations of legal and human rights , political programs , extradition :
According to that shown above, we have enough EVIDENCE IN FAVOR and therefore , IT IS ILLEGAL , from the point of view of international law , the execution of extradition sought by the UK government to deny a pass to Julian Assange for protection his trip to Republic of Ecuador.NO no doubt that in this case , the intention behind it is to judge and punish the Australian citizen Julian Paul Assange , founder of the leading global organization WIKILEAKS are political motives by the revelations of documents , videos , recordings and testimony naked falsehood and hypocrisy of politicians and politics of some states in the world .