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Thursday, October 16, 2008 10:06 AM

Everything indicates that a character of government continues to upset the manufacturer of mirrors acting as adviser to the farmers in the region of Veracruz Uxpanapa. The trouble apparently because despite death threats, harassment by all known and imaginable means, counsel to Mario Hernandez Solorio continued to defend the peasants who have requested to do so.

The trouble is great because they are in game three and fifty million dollars, which is the amount that gives the expert accountant who is strong in the trial that deals with agriculture against NATIONAL TRUST FUND FOR THE PROMOTION Ejidal, and other units of FIFONAFE federal government, whom the Union of Ejidos José López Portillo was demanded payment of more than 600 million pesos in compensation for property expropriated communal or ejido of Cerro ex.ejidos of Vaso de Oro, in the neighboring state of Oaxaca when the federal government was kind enough to begin the process of accommodation in the irrigation district the "orange" and the valley of Uxpanapa both in the state of Veracruz, México.

The fact is that after three years of trial (having been processed by all stages of procedure in the first six months, with the file ready to close the probationary period, plead and sentencing) has not been sentenced. That should add 30 years of waiting for the farmers in the region Uxpanapa in the southern state of Veracruz, with the familiar despair that maybe you can imagine.

That is why the actors have sought shelter and protection of the federal courts before the Fifth District Court in the State because it has passed over the term for sentencing when the law only allows the judge hearing the case the end of 40 days to resolve the species and takes a lot more than a year was required to do nothing.

That annoying and much, apparently because they want to convince farmers that it is better to settle now receiving a "bicoca" (less than three thousand dollars) and not continue long in waiting and who removes the final and "not touch anything. "

The situation is Kafkaesque because apparently who is behind all this and I want to pay, not the federal government (the federal government not the peels or good or bad) but it offers its good offices and asked not to worry the farmers, only that you sign so that he can collect $ 350 million.

Obviously the lawyer Mario Hernandez Solorio and prepares the way and their removal by any way possible as they have tried all sorts of intimidation and apparently has not worked. Meanwhile several people looking sicarios asueldo, on different days watching the movements of the Manufacturer of Mirrors, but as you say, organized crime alerts, run, and that ruled out that option, it will not be difficult to find the perpetrators.

The straw that has spilled the cup is that last Friday, October 10, 2008 attorney Mario Hernandez Solorio was presented with his client before the Judicial Council of the State of Veracruz to report to the First Judge of First Instance (the criminal) with judicial district in Veracruz under the assumption that a Special Court by Commission is seeking a family matter (food) that the law explicitly prohibited, as these are matters of the family could only learn civil courts.

Moreover the special courts are prohibited by Article 13 of the Constitution, "No one can be tried by private laws or special tribunals ..." Nevertheless, the judge cited insists hear a case that has forced impediment, because was ordered. In fact all the judges in the civil district court of Veracruz are reported by the manufacturer of the glasses and this presents a conflict of jurisdiction between courts of whether to hear cases in which the lawyer Hernandez Solorio. In short the manufacturer of the glasses can not be tried and that, according to them, feel a bad precedent.

The problem is complicated because the lawyer Hernandez Solorio is classified as a foolish idiot by those who try to convince the peasants, as he does not understand justice, have claimed that it does not exist, that life must be practical and there is a possibility that on the table to get a ticket for the peasants, which must be taken because that is better than nothing, although that is illegal, immoral and unjust.

Time for the truth./Obama, or Fraud

Obama and Fraud
Monday, 03 November 2008 05:41 PM

Time for the truth.

This is a time when U.S. voters to decide if you want to continue as before, a crazy race riders due to the recession or direct suffrage through effective governance, including the middle classes and the enormous poverty that came out of that closet had saved the false American dream.

It is time for politics. The region and the global political leaders need to come to negotiate and close the gap in their own governors. But as always there are reservations about the situation and of course hope on how things are just hours of the presidential elections in USA.

It is no coincidence that for the first time a global personality in the world of finance as Alan Greenspan, former U.S. Treasury secretary, has admitted that "had been wrong to push the main feature of finance as it is" self-regulation "based solely on trust and good faith standard in the credit operations of multinational enterprises. For his part, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has convened the world to a change in direction, urging a thorough review of the current unbridled capitalism that has gotten the world into financial chaos and threatens to end with themselves.

This wrong perception of Alan Greenspan, has repeatedly been challenged by the countries oppressed by the failed policies from the third world, where countries rich in raw materials have to deal with miserable people, owners of these riches, which is an evil against humanity which has suffered the ravages of insatiable Wall Street, but there was no power in heaven would understand that what they were saying that is "free enterprise" and now seemed horrified by his own work and I say "appears" I am not convinced by that their cries are genuine. In fact the outcry is that Senator Obama wins, because if it is adverse outcome, the future of our countries would enter into a long and winding tunnel shadows.

On the march a number of questions arise. One, the next summit on November 15, 2008, eleven days after the election for president, against the crisis in Washington, which means it will give the results of the candidate immediately rather triumphant as it was four years ago, which It took months. This summit is majority-called G-20, which are not officially countries like Spain.

Spain is an important ally of the USA and member of NATO and European strategic geopolitics of U.S. government. Then there is the explicit prohibition of Senator Mc Cain to sit at the table and Zapatero has said publicly, without explaining reasons for this, but last time the French president has said that giving way to Zapatero.

Hence we must add that President Bush has taken a step on his knees for the exemption of visas to citizens of countries like Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia. Both measures with clear political objectives in the short and medium term. Go unnoticed because nobody in the interest of USA to obtain oil, gas, and moreover the new phenomenon of the cheap labor that these countries are exporting to Europe.

For example, the summit against the crisis is perfectly logical if the incoming government would win the elections next November 4, for what purpose the organization has a president who committed all the errors and thus to create nothing can remedy when you wanting less than two months to hand over power.

Speculation is not free because another question arises that the organizer and convener did not want to hear Why do not Washington and New York City, "as suggested at the time several states including the Nicolas Sarkozy.

At least that is the crux of the matter, everything was "pressing" for that which is at the table as "guest" is the winning presidential candidate. John Mc Cain and then the summit would be disclosed to advance naked.

Details that should not be ignored. In conclusion, the world is discussed in two options: More of the Same? if the dialogue of arms. Or hope for dialogue and political understanding among nations. But do not be impatient, in a matter of hours out of doubt.

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Environmental problems can be a lucrative business in some areas for some governments to the detriment of their own nations or at least are a disguised form of audited agencies on the resources which are not accountable.

It is the environment secretary Rafael Elvira Quezada who acknowledges that Mexico receives funds from highly industrialized countries like United States and Germany to mention a few, when they refuse or can not comply with international treaties in its obligation to reduce emissions of pollutants in their respective industries.

When the highly industrialized countries have commitments to deliver certain volumes of production, they refuse to stop to transform their environment for plants, because according to them resulting in losses, then choose to pay to a third country, in this case to Mexico so that it meets the quota of low emission of pollutants that it is the country violator of international agreements on environmental issues.


It is then that our country becomes a kind of international economic pepenador, something like a globalized got to be willing to do the dirty work to countries with omitted higher production volumes and thus formidable agents of pollution, the problem is that Congress did not audit the revenue and no one is accountable in that area. All this has its consequences and now, those who inhabit this planet we have to pay a high price for the high emissions of pollutants that end up overheating the globe with the results we are experiencing.

The federal government justifies its announced in the coming months is cutting 60,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the industry, as part of that pre-paid by polluters countries, gaining commitment, moreover, the production of avocado ethanol as an alternative energy in the business and not depend solely on oil and gas.

Meanwhile the Intergovernmental Committee on Climate Change (2 mil 500 scientists from over 130 countries) in their last meeting in Paris warned of heavy rains, melting glaciers, droughts and heatwaves and a slow increase in the levels of sea. The group's ultimate goal is to raise awareness about human behavior in the burning of fossil fuels as factors of global warming in the last 50 years.

The matter is serious, so pay attention to the urgent threat of a thaw of Arctic sea in summer 2100 and a slowdown in the Gulf. That's why the report of the group in Paris, insists engage governments and companies to do more to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, mainly from burning fossil fuels in power plants, factories and cars.

Al Gore, the failed presidential aspirant and former vice president during the Clinton era, has devoted the last years of his public outreach and awareness to the current situation on the effects of global warming. Gore is now a prestigious voice on global warming and has been awarded in countries such as Spain with the Prince Asturias "to disseminate and create awareness about environmental problems around the world and giving lectures on global warming and our action to stop it as the main problem of humanity.

You surely know that former U.S. vice president is the protagonist in the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth", from where he launched a worldwide campaign against global warming based on the content of his lectures with overwhelming response and favorable public opinion.

A documentary that came in for some time to collect an amount greater than the twenty-three million dollars of which one hundred percent of the revenue goes to education campaigns on climate change. Ask you how many politicians have such a gesture of genuine social fighter? I sobrarían the fingers of one hand and talking on a global level.

This is a real politician who knows that this tool is for people who truly want to serve their fellow man. Undoubtedly, Al Gore had become president of the United States of America, (another rooster will sing to humanity), but had another flaw, it's a political picture, which was at that historic moment, a great inconvenience to the American conservative voter , then the preference was for others. Then, after the good has not yet expired.

In the end, there is no point in Mexico to become a victim, because now even the traffic that is intended to help the homeless and landless. In the specific case of Mexico, the federal government is slow in implementing the recovery from disasters caused by natural phenomena with the aggravating circumstance that the real predator agents are kept safe from the fury of Mother Nature, because they have economic resources to do so .

SOLT Gurría a bomb.

Before the world enters into an outright recession Jose Angel Gurria told the media: "At the moment the government of Mexico may not meet its commitments, we need tax reform. It is a federal measure that has been postponed for several administrations, "was the lapidary sentence that dropped like a heavy earthenware on the hope of hundreds of thousands of Mexicans who were listening, while celebrating a Public Policy Forum, among people The OECD represents the Unit Angel Gurría Treviño global economy specialists licensed by the government of Felipe Calderón go to get help from that agency to Mexico that they believe need to access the progress.


Gurria Trevino, who is a friend since childhood in Salinas de Gortari, where playing in the gardens of Quinta Grijalva child with then Roberto Madrazo, PRI governments agreed that De la Madrid and Salinas did the tax reform and that when the Zedillo's government being proposed by him, Secretary of Finance, the National Action Party, vetoed, and when Fox was the turn of the vetoed his party the PRI. Briefly admitted that between the PRI and the PAN will have passed the ball by jumping from one to the other side for the government collects no taxes to be levied and PEMEX, to name one example, still bled with the tax rules Now that it violated Treasury and can not use that money to reinvest in itself.

All this is no impediment to the now head of the OECD, takes office, with inside information to take a look at the national picture and to weigh that possibility is "to suck" (only aspire) to the presidential chair.


In October 2008, the Manufacturer Mirror published this note in El Tiempo Latino published by the Washington Post.

Yesterday Barack Obama took in the hope of the world in his tenure as president of the most powerful country on earth and in his speech coincided with the partially exposed here in the sense that the collapse of Wall Street has been caused
by greed and speculation. The dramatic case is that at least ten hours of auction floors have replied landed! as sign of the times ahead and the challenges so great
for all, but Obama has the president on the support of thousands millions of people to succeed.

In the current crisis in the USA needs radical change. The Washington Post as one of the most important newspapers of the world believes that Obama "has the potential to become a great president." "In that view, he was joined by other major forms of the cities of Chicago and LA Manufacturer Mirrors Obama also wants to have the opportunity to be a great president, but in politics there are unwritten rules in this context ...

The president who started with the support of the leading newspapers of the country, has secured some stability in the first two years of his administration. While Obama hitherto masterfully handles his campaign to behave within the "politically correct", before an unenviable challenge. If you continue with orthodoxy at face value, it's time they stop with the Machiavellian rule that advises the Prince when he took power, "change what is needed, but not much."

The economic crisis now facing the USA, indigestion income derived from speculation and greed on Wall Street, needed immediately for the creation of mechanisms or institutions reencaucen capital accumulation, and it requires large markets open without restriction to U.S. investments. After the Second World War there were Winston Churchill and a president like Franklin D. Roosevelt saw in the creation of a postwar order as a guarantee of U.S. prosperity.

After the Bretton Woods Agreements of July 1944, which set the rules for commercial and financial relations among the major industrialized countries, result in the creation of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and the use of U.S. dollars as an international currency.

Barack Obama may be appropriate and that circumstantial operator capable of creating these new arrangements that followed the Bretton Woods agreements, but it has to break this golden rule Machiavellian, if it gets to the White House. The question is: Will it? for without doubt who wins in the elections next November 4 did not protest at the Capitol office, but will the government on a surfboard on the crest of a wave.

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¿Ganó Elba Esther? ¿Ganaron los tiradores a la silla presidencial? ¿Es una estrategia del presidente Calderón rumbo a las elecciones intermedias? La verdad es que la noticia hizo que le fallaran las piernas y se tuvo que sentar a la hora de confirmar la renuncia, lo que deja en claro es que no se la podía creer o por lo menos no era lo que Josefina Vázquez Mota esperaba a estas alturas del partido: La entrega de la Secretaría de Educación Pública.

Si alguien solicitó la cabeza de Josefina Vázquez Mota porque le representaba un obstáculo para avanzar dentro de la Secretaría de Educación Pública, pidió mal o no supo pedir o se excedió en sus deseos. Aunque dudo que alguien como la maestra Gordillo se equivoque en este tipo de negociaciones. Digo esto, por el personaje que va a sustituir a Josefina Vázquez Mota, el nombramiento recae en el maestro Alonso Lujambio Irázabal como lo llamó Calderón ésta mañana en su presentación es gente cercana al propio presidente y la de Germán Martínez. Ex consejero del IFE, ex comisionado del IFAI, ex catedrático de la UNAM.
Eso significa que el nombramiento del nuevo titular de la SEP no es del agrado de la maestra Gordillo y va a provocar o hacer público un rompimiento que ya se veía venir, que no es otra cosa que la apertura de un nuevo frente en esta guerra intestina, cuyos seguros perdedores son los mismos de siempre.
Es probable que el presidente tenga medido este nuevo escenario y conserve a la mano el extinguidor para apagar éste nuevo infiernito, aunque la maestra no es una perita en dulce y se sabe tiene un amplio repertorio de recursos de todo tipo a los que va a recurrir seguramente en cuanto se vea amenazada en sus dominios o quizá, previsora como es, ya los tenga listos.
El entusiasta agradecimiento de Germán Martínez a Josefina Vázquez Mota por aceptar salir de la Secretaría de Educación Pública para contender por una diputación federal deja entrever que la SEP es clave para los objetivos del PAN en el poder y el grupo que rodea al presidente Felipe Calderón.
Las evaluaciones recientes a la UNAM prendieron focos rojos entre académicos e intelectuales por las recomendaciones cada vez más insistentes de la OCDE ( Club de países ricos ) que preside el mexicano ex secretario de Hacienda en tiempos de Zedillo, hoy secretario general de ese organismo internacional, Ángel Gurría para evaluar la educación primaria y media en México, así como la recomendación para que el país se endeude, fueron motivo de un escándalo hace unos días.
Cierto es que a Josefina Vázquez Mota no le alcanzaba el perfil para ese ministerio, pero en las actuales circunstancias políticas, sociales y económicas, resultó ser “no la mejor pero si la más idónea” de tan señera dependencia federal y aunque sus virtudes son más políticas que educativas, en algo pudo contribuir a la contención del poder avasallante de la maestra Elba Esther Gordillo, por un lado y del acerado grupo del Yunque por el otro. A su partida, la educación en México va a navegar en aguas procelosas infestado de tiburones.
Por ahora se especula que su futuro escaño en la Cámara Baja, obedece a una estrategia de Acción Nacional para que desde ahí se impongan a base de la negociación la aprobación de las iniciativas que envíe el Ejecutivo federal aprovechando las habilidades de la ex secretaria de Educación Pública. El presidente también celebró casi jubiloso esa decisión.
De ser así, el PAN no ha pensado entregar el poder como estaban convencidos en el PRI, no eran pocos los que ya hasta se veían portando la banda presidencial, pero no será tan fácil.
El presidente se está posicionando en el espectro internacional, por lo pronto logró colocar en las prioridades estadunidenses el problema del narcotráfico, lo ideal sería poner ahí en paquete, el asunto migratorio en el mismo nivel de importancia. De ello, Calderón sacará toda la ventaja política que se presente.
El nuevo secretario de Educación Pública Alonso Lujambio ha dicho en su discurso de toma de posesión que “viene hacer política, mucha política”, o sea viene con todo. A medida que avance la elección, los ánimos se van a caldear a distintos grados con rebosamientos en distintas direcciones, por lo pronto se habla que en las escuelas sólo existen nombramientos de interinos limitados y eso tiene molestos y desesperados a los maestros que participaron en el examen de oposición y se merecieron los mejores promedios.
Mientras los oponentes se atrincheran en sus posiciones, el presidente pudiera ordenar—no lo sabemos -- se suspenda el flujo de presupuesto para el nuevo ciclo escolar 2009- 2010 y retrasar el programa de calidad educativa, como para abrir boca. Los primeros resultados los tendremos el día de la elección.
Por ahora el presidente tiene ventaja, su problema es como administrarla y saber si la maestra Gordillo está dispuesta al todo o nada, si es como se imaginan tiene en su poder una destructiva bomba que haría estallar en hora precisa…y morir en el intento o en la ejecución.