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SUPREME COURT OF JUSTICE U.S. Washington D.C. ATTORNEY "X" LEGAL COUNSELOR OF THE FEDERAL EXECUTIVE, on behalf of the US Executive Branch, under the President of the US, attached to this application, the documents proving that I have a Power to represent before all authority, the holder of the Executive Power US, in the person of the president of U.S., with domicile for all the proceedings of the trial, in the city of Washington D.C.
        The second section, sections 1.2, of Article THREE, of the US Constitution, provides that the Supreme Court of Justice of the US, should know exclusively: "In all cases concerning ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, as well as in those in which a State is a party, the Supreme Court will have jurisdiction in a single instance [...] ".
            The substantiation of the present controversy, must be processed according to the laws that regulate the federal civil procedures that are in force and determined by the US Sup…

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