lunes, 13 de octubre de 2014

The most important character of urgent

It is possible to propose to the Supreme Court of the United States by way of "CLAIM" to study and at the right time if the Court ruling the existence of a grand jury, without Congress would have given legal life the place where this function to investigate the activities of journalistic research that develops Mr. Julian  Assange are unconstitutional. Under this measure provides ad hoc tribunals and dedication to the Grand Jury a particular person, which contradicts the Constitution prohibiting the bill of attainder and ex post facto courts and a violation of the provisions of constitutional control "the Bill of Rights."

If we got the US Supreme Court ruling unconstitutional by the existence of a grand jury without prior act of Congress investigating the investigative journalism that develops Julian Assange, we would to an unprecedented resolution on Freedom of Expression that would protect the journalistic work of all American journalists and an extension to the human rights of Freedom of Expression.