martes, 4 de febrero de 2014


                    The feast of snuff in Veracruz would remember a great failure and pay tribute to Sir Walter Raleigh. It would not be otherwise , because historically , the breakdown in the domestic industry , so you evidence.

             The snuff left far behind its American origins and the persecution of indigenous smoking or mulattoes , as that summary judgment Leonor Ontiveros by members of the Tribunal of the Inquisition in 1652 on "suspicion of witchcraft ", derived from breathing in the smoke of snuff and trying to " tame evil" with the herb , which left a stigma of future times .

                       Over the years we became non-economic benefits of production viewers , regardless of here has been transplanted to Europe or even a variety of snuff originated in Yucatán was played in Cuba , just we remember that in the old continent , from 1764, the Spanish Crown had created an economic - legal institution established by royal charter the Tobacconist , catapult mechanism for the production and income of snuff , and Havana, receives the contribution , but takes full advantage , becoming its principal place diffuser .

                       Its pungent aroma remained steeped in the history books that tell how our indigenous and African slaves brought to America, is closely linked to the development of the first commercial crops , contributing their permanent workforce , which then was considered more of a excellent investment , but an act of slavery. Then , at twilight , with the fatigued muscle for work performed , devote those same hands to manufacture musical instruments, painting figures in a jar , or petting a different skin and create a new race, not realizing , that in each of these acts, asserted their humanity and engendered a new culture.

                    In the environment, percussion, flavors that choke the air , singing aborting street chatter , guitars lose strings , cunning widens, accordions earn voices , dance rises color multiply as voluptuousness acquires birth americana .

                  The snuff , however , lost its nationalism , leaving his net culture condition , first conquered by our property , it was necessary to add high-tech industrialization and ever had at our disposal . Then came the annihilation by the typical blunders of public administration in our country.

                   In Mexico , the orchestra was filled with haunted sounds and politics disguised slavery of workers without canceling those wisps of smoke that resemble shackles that bind us to the real owners of the herbaceous we lost about the same time that we were conquered.

                Given this ? , Which can provide new insiders ?

                  At least until today the Mexican civil law remains of slave origin, and celebrate the snuff is necessarily pay tribute to Sir Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake and a long list of buccaneers who were ennobled with the black blood of our people, or the tobacco monopolies American tobacco Company, and Imperial tobacco Company , which created the British American tobacco to provide comprehensive homage to Peter Maus, Louis Crimalle , WG Matton or D. Fortune , who without producing the raw material, made ​​an empire , leaving behind the sad story of their growers of prietas , rough , rough hands of those who draw , or a beautiful rudeness María Félix , which in pure mouth, sought and got provoke society .

                  A Veracruz came people like Ramón Balsa, Cuban , of Spanish origin, with the idea of ​​founding such as the thriving industry built on Cuba . But by then , our production declined, and European countries , skilled tradesmen, stocked the snuff producing colonies , such as the Netherlands.

                   Given the chaos in the fields of culture shock strung on a trail of rhythms, voices hoarse desecrate a sacred rhythm, trying to stop the coming catastrophe and are not trained to deal therefore dare to ring touches drum only correspond to religious rites .

                   Domes in government at that time the matter was becoming dark , allegations of fraud TABAMEX and betrayals farmers are unstoppable . They even raise the voices of the Secretaries General of Regional Committees peasants , demanding that 24 percent of the shares of the company, which on account of profits should receive and never did .

                     Where had been announced nationalist enthusiasm mexicanization total tobacco industry , by dissolving TERSA and the formal establishment of TABAMEX . ?

                      Lost mood of populist rhetoric , fast lift , not publicly assumed in our country did not have the strength to compete globally with the complex market of snuff .

                      TABAMEX , suffer the same fate of TERSA , become a body screen server foreign interests to invade our tobacco fields in a cruel conquest, but not carry the cross in front , or soldiers , guns or firearms behind but if the intention of destroying culture, and return us to slavery.
                       That's why , devote some celebration to snuff surprised because in Veracruz Mexico is not on the map of global commercial snuff . And our state, then , occupied an uncomfortable place 29 around the country , and according to recognized ethnologists as the Veracruz Aguirre Beltrán in Veracruz, the snuff was grown and manufactured by Indians , while cane was labor of slaves blacks.

                        Unless the intention is to copy the Caribbean festivals held in Cuba permanently our Maya herb which became the symbol of the island and the name of the capital city of the sister republic of Cuba . Thus, the rest of the alligator , and the eagle devouring the snake were united forever.

                      As historical reflection attempt to remember the tobacco plantations in Veracruz is good, but the Veracruz need of snuff also to " tame the ills of the economy," because as the mulatto Leonor Ontiveros, we are subjected to summary judgment of technological backwardness and persecution almost inquisitorial transnational characterized by injecting golondrino - speculative capital and then, send their profits abroad , which ultimately led to a situation of economic instability, collapse of small and medium industries , unemployment, pandemic, and However, the mass flight of millions of hungry peasants to the United States , ie , we still installed in bondage.