Do you think we have legislators at the height of the current situation of Mexico think? Do you defending national heritage Think? Do you think we are so politicized enough to give us better governments think? Do you think we read enough to understand what happens in the country think? Do you think the policy be the task of a few?

In Mexico after the war of independence ensued a historic disaster: Texas became a US territory after a crude maneuver rather than cutting policy vandal who tried to legitimize a false desire for autonomy in 1845.

Our friends were upset because Mexicans are resigned to losing Texas and in 1846 we declared war, and this led to the first major agandalle (they are about to consummate the second thanks to national traitors) to steal two half million square kilometers including what is today the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, nevada, Utah and parts of Wyoming.

Immediately after the robbery began the extermination of every culture that smacked of Mexico to impose the culture of the nascent American union and so acculturation has not stopped one second until today.

Simultaneously began in Mexico looting from libraries and convents. Manuscripts, codices, painted books and illuminated manuscripts, incunabula, rested on their shelves of mahogany, cedar, walnut, Marbled tropical timber dream was fulfilled Helleum Librarum, of devouring books.

There was no way to stop the looting. At one point, someone had a bright idea: transport all library books looted to university in Mexico City to build the National Library (something like Vasconcelos National Library foxiana) but then as now, the books never came to your destination, even recently, in the year of 1986 was auctioned in New York on "-Spanish Nahualt Vocabulary" Molina in $ 300,000 and this book came from the stolen books in Mexico.

According to experts the amount of plunder (only important books) exceeds the amount of the debt. Agustín Fischer, consultant Maximiliano, managed to get the best from the past editions found in Mexico and in 1868 sold some copies in Paris and in 1869 in London.

The British Museum participated unscrupulous purchases of these books from the looting of Mexico. The bibliophile Herbert Howe Bancroft, a publicist who loved history, before dying sold its 40,000 books, mostly stolen from Mexico, the University of California and that you can consult if you want to know something unknown about Mexico and Latin America, except for their Bibliographic references.

If you want to thoroughly investigate the pre-Hispanic Mexico, the really soaked volumes are written by researchers and American anthropologists and European classics of course. Adolph Sutro mogul, between 1885 and 1889 acquired thirty-five thousand Latin forms that led the United States so badly (that paradox) that the San Francisco earthquake wiped out half of that immense library because Hence unique copies of the independence of Mexico, the Constitution of Cadiz and the First Empire were lost.

The magnificent library called "Prince of the Mexican scholarship" Menéndez y Pelayo and huge library of wise Joaquín García Izcalbalceta after it was confiscated by the Revolution where do you think ended up? Austin Texas. A stone's throw from the ranch owned more illiterate who has ruled the world.

See the book as a commodity isolated on a shelf in bookstores, is to have no vision of what the country needs. The book should be seen as integral to say a whole. Even if you see along the shelf of vegetables in a market, the better.

The book for children and young Mexicans should be part of the staple diet. It is certainly an eminently edible product for the rickety our population. So the people are hungry. But the rulers forget that "NOT LIVE ON BREAD ALONE MAN". Had visionary candidates, give away books within pantries throwing the starving masses can not hear his absurd speeches, only serve "the spot".

That requires a country of tragedies like Mexico .- "no mothers, if I am not fool once said an angry political .---" give facilities to the people reading books is as provide them with X "rays, - and then topped .--- "to you I wish you could see the tail at any time on the street?".

Of course! Lawmakers only make laws that tell them to do, generally repressive laws and submissive. Myopia of legislators comes home, ie they know (they are always embarrassing children of a character) that are actually NOT true popular representatives in the highest assembly of the country and this is reflected in its "legislative work".

The former rector of UNAM, Dr. De la Fuente to describe the political agenda of the country called "Actors circus ... Clowns, acrobats, magicians and trainers" who have turned the country into a scene of three tracks.

For now, no one could if any profiled better.


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