lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017

                               (Nullum crimen sine lege)

      By Mario Arturo Hernández Solorio        @ ArtMarius2

                 To date, no US president in the history of this country has been removed from office for the crime of treason according to the Constitution in force since 1787, in fact, this crime has not been legally or politically configured in the past, can not be seen on the horizon until the year 2020. [Article 3; Third Section, Constitution USA].
                There are several legal grounds to have confidence and the certainty that an event of this nature will NOT be given. In principle, and according to the Constitution of 1787, the president and all US officials will be separated from their posts when they are accused and found guilty of treason, bribery, and other serious crimes. [Article 2; Section Four. Ibid.].
               The Betrayal of the USA will consist only in making war on you or in joining your enemies, giving them help and protection. This situation has not happened until today since World War II. The 11 formal declarations of war of USA since 1798 occurred in 1812 against Great Britain. In 1846 against Mexico. In 1898 against Spain. In 1917 against Germany and Austria-Hungary within the First World War. In 1941 against Japan, Germany and Italy, and in 1942 against Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania within World War II. Since then, the US Congress has not issued any formal declaration of war, or at least there is no evidence to prove it, since formal war can only be declared by US Congress, and during the year 2016 and what goes of the year 2017, the Congress USA has not declared the war to any country or nation, that is Conditio Sine Cua Non so that the crime of Treason to the Homeland is configured and not having happened this formal declaration, this crime has NOT TASK. [ Article 1; Eighth Section, article 1, 11, 12, 13, 18, Opus Quoted].
                   Moreover, the constitutional principles that frame this issue clearly and precisely establish that no person will be convicted of treason unless it is based on the testimony of witnesses who witnessed the same act committed openly or confession in public session of a court. Here we have 3 other indispensable requirements to configure the crime of Betrayal to the Fatherland and that, by MISSING these demands, such as I) .- Eyewitnesses; II) .- An act committed openly; III) .- A confession before a court in public session. In this case, the crime of treason to the homeland is NOT configured, because these 3 requirements have not materialized.

                      With respect to the crime of Bribery or other crimes and serious misconduct that would have committed the President USA, it will only apply, in case, PREVIOUS to the FACTS, the USA Congress would have LEGISLATED on the matter and President USA would have promulgated that constitutional articles, UNO, 3rd section, article 6, eighth section, article 1, 11, 12, 13, 18, ninth section; Article THREE, article 2, first section, article 1, article 5, fourth section. That is, according to the aforementioned articles, the Congress has the obligation and the constitutional power to legislate and approve a law that regulates SEPARATION, DEATH, WAIVER OR DISABILITY, OF THE CHARGE OF PRESIDENT USA, and President USA, to enact that law . However, I have reviewed the Corpus Iuris USA since the entry into force of the US Constitution of 1787, and that law DOES NOT EXIST, and if this law was not legislated, approved and promulgated PRIOR TO THE FACTS, that hypothetically motivated the separation of the position of President USA, President USA can not be tried by Congress USA, because the crimes of BETRAY, COHECHO OR OTHERS, technically DO NOT EXIST. Here falls like the dew grass the Roman aphorism: "NULLUM CRIME SINE LEGE" (THERE IS NO CRIME WITHOUT LAW).

viernes, 24 de febrero de 2017


In other words, what are these legislators who at a recent conference in Xalapa stated that they intend to tax the book with the value-added tax of a new account, including food and medicines, as a failed attempt in Time of President Fox. One can think two things, that we are before uninformed economists whose stock boils down to technical questions related to his profession. If they intend to tax the book, they are supposed to have in their hands a previous study to know everything about the book, which in the end is made by people outside the books.

Or is such an action obeying a sinister plan to promote collective ignorance and make this country a general world of workers, masons, craftsmen and technicians? And another very reduced number of professionals and leaders to guide them.
Evidently all the ways of the IVA to the book, go against the education in Mexico in all its headings. Pretexts are many. The truth is that general education in Mexico is still a reflection of the old positivism, which believes in a pedagogy for the rapid formation of people; Machines that are going to produce and to dedicate themselves to a specialization.

Wrong policy no doubt.
Because the Mexicans of the third millennium are denied the instruments for a full life and for a human culture. Educational pragmatism is always counterproductive: a specialist, an ignorant technician, or an ignorant economist, produces less and produces evil, because he thinks less and thinks badly.

It is said there that Germany produces excellent soaps because Kant wrote, Critique of Pure Reason. It is proven that now you are reading these lines and you are breathing, that literary culture is indispensable in any profession. If people do not know how to express themselves in their language, they will not be able to think in their language and consequently can not be a good professional human being or a good citizen.

          That is why it is a scandal the quality of education in Mexico and if we add the measures that could take Treasury to obtain resources such as VAT to tuition, or tax collection at the cost of the sacrifice of reading hours of millions of Mexicans, Then the picture is bleak.

Before this crime is committed without punishment, we make a careful call to the guiding head of CONACULTA to take action and avoid that cursed temptation to want to tax the book today that we are on time and persuade the legislators of a new taxation to tax the books.

Because to suppress the books is to suppress the words, the language, the one that teaches you to think, to dream, to assume responsibilities, to rebel, to choose and if it is not able the person in charge of the culture in this country and the Secretary of Education of Teaching children to dream of traveling with their language from primary school, our country will continue to be destined to be a disintegrated nation, half illiterate, half-cooked people like today are millions of us.
In France and in England, the need to know the language well is emphasized. The French children of eleven and twelve have read all their classics, mention Molière, Descartes and Pascal, recite poems by Eluard, Prévert and Desnos.

It is impossible to forget that every book is the son and father of another book. From Homer to Joyce, everything is influence. But Shakespeare and Cervantes are the first to establish clearly the literary confines of every written work: the theater within Hamlet, the reading of Don Quixote, by Don Quixote himself.

The surprise is that The Bible, one of the most important books and extraordinarily written so far ... would be taxed. This is a challenge to all power. It is a challenge to write. Petulance to the need and the pleasure of communicating, since all reading will inevitably result in writing. What would have happened in the time of Moses, if the little that could be read, had been taxed empires and monarchies? If that which absurd perished is now a reality, let us prepare ourselves to pay taxes soon enough for the air we breathe or the number of rays of sun that lie on your skin.

You do not need to tell me, kind reader, to know that you as a reader and elector citizen, you are beyond being a guinea pig, or why be taken hostage to cynical privileged losers in a country where, precisely, opportunities to talents They do not hang from the trees.

If literature were well taught in Mexico, our cities would be more beautiful, more human, and more habitable, because its inhabitants would give more and demand more. Our cities are the reflection of the inconsistency and mediocrity of education that is taught in our country. Then add VAT to the book, practice